Passenger List of the Sailing Ship Fairfield

Maria and Adriana Passenger List

Passenger List of the Maria and Adriana

The passenger list for the Galiot Maria and Adriana was sworn on the 7th September 1840, by H.L. Baithen, ship's master.  A galiot or galliot was a small, ocean-going sailing ship.  Thus the Maria and Adriana only carried 75 passenger on its 1840 voyage . Of these, the first fourteen passengers listed on the manifest were members of the Merlau family,  The are:

Christoph Merlau45 years
Elizabeth B.do40 years
Dorothea do 17 years
Margaretha do 15 years
Catharina do10 years
Sophia do 8 years
Elizabeth do 5 years
Christoph do 10 months
Phillip do34 years
Christina do 30 years
Magdalena do 10 years
Carl do 8 years
Dorothea do 1 year 5 months
Carl Merlau 31 years