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Sailing Ship Iowa
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As shown by the first page of its passenger list (left), the Ship Iowa left from Havre, France and sailed to New York City, arriving on September 1, 1840.  Typically, such a voyage took thirty to fifty days depending on winds and weather. 

Passenger Count
Passenger Count

On this voyage, the Iowa carried 351 passengers, of which 31 occupied cabins and 320 traveled in steerage.  Only well-to-do passengers could afford cabins, which were located on the quarter deck and which provided reasonably comfortable accommodations.  Most families, however, traveled in steerage, located on one or more decks below the main deck.  Steerage generally provided minimal accommodations, including wooden bunk beds, a few toilets, no privacy and poor food.  Bunk beds were stacked two or three high along the hull, while the middle of the deck was variously used for luggage, cooking, eating and other activities.  Lack of sufficient toilet facilities, sea sickness and putrid air made the voyage extremely unpleasant.  Such were the conditions our ancestors endured to start their new life in America.  The Meyer and Thanisch families traveled in steerage

Passenger List

Family of Peter Mayer
page 1

This detail from page 1 of the passenger list shows the family of Peter Mayer, ancestor of the Meyer family of Sheldon, New York and surrounding area.  Peter and Mary traveled with seven children: Maria, Peter, Catharina, Nicolas, Michel, Maria, Jacob and Magdelaine.  Note the unusual spelling for some names on the list.

Passenger List

Lucia Ketter and Johan Thanisch
page 5

This detail from page 5 of the passenger list shows Johan Thanisch, ancestor of the Tharnish family of Bennington, New York and surrounding area.  Johann traveled with his mother, Lucia Ketter, who is listed under her maiden name.

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