Marriage of Johann Thanisch and Catharine Meyer

Marriage Record
Marriage Record

Marriage Record of Johann Jacob Thanisch and Catharine Meyer
1840 - St. Louis Roman Catholic Church
Buffalo, New York

Transcription: Translation:
J. Thanisch
C. Mayer
Anno millesimo octingentesimo quadragesimo dei decima quinta Octobris matrimonis juncti sunt Joannes Thanisch, filius defuncti Joannis Jacobi Thanisch et Lucia Kette ex Sheldon et Catharina Mayer, filia Petri Mayer et Mariae Dorscheit et nunc ex Buffalo, Testes fuere supradictus pater sponsae et Joannnes Weber ambo ex Sheldon, qui cum sponsus subscript sunt. J. Thanisch
C. Mayer
Year one-thousand eighteen-hundred forty the fifteen of October were joined in martimony Johann Thanisch, legitimate son of the deceased Johann Jacob Thanisch and Lucia Ketter from Sheldon and Catharine Mayer, daughter of Peter Mayer and Maria Dorscheit and now from Buffalo, Witnesses were the above mentioned father of the bride and Johannes Weber, both from Sheldon, who with the couple sign below.