Family of Andres Cabahug and Pelagia Cañete

Andres Cabahug was born prior to 1845, the year church records were first recorded in the newly formed town of Liloan.  Andres married Pelagia Cañete on February 8, 18634a.  Pelagia was the daughter of Miguel Cañete and Micaela Quiapo.  Andres and Pelagia had twelve known children.

The known children of Andres Cabahug and Pelagia Cañete are:

i. Andrea Cabahug Andrea died in July 18674a.
ii. Jorgea Cabahug Jorgea was born in April 18644a.
iii. Rufino Cabahug Rufino was born in July 18664a, and he died in 19064a.  Rufino married (1) Simeona Quiapo and (2) Marcela Mariño.
iv. Francisca Cabahug Francisca was born on May 17, 18684a.
v. Miguel Cabahug Miguel was born on May 10, 18734a.
vi. Julian Cabahug Julian was born on February 16, 18754a.
vii. Angela Cabahug Angela was born on October 1, 18764a.
viii. Feliciano Cabahug Feliciano was born on January 24, 18784a.
ix. Marcelina Cabahug Marcelina was born on July 7, 18804a.
x. Gregorio Cabahug Gregorio was born on November 17, 18814a.  He married Florencia Barolan.
xi. Juan Cabahug Juan was born on June 24, 18834a.
xii. Antonina Cabahug Antonina was born on May 10, 18854a.

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