Family of Gabino Cabahug and Jorgea Pitogo

Gabino Cabahug was born on February 18, 18484a, the second son of Josef Silvestre and Beronica Maria.  On April 22, 18734a, Gabino married Jorgea Pitogo, the daughter of Santiago Pitogo and Maria Mercader.  During 1873 and 1874, Gabino served as Cabeza de Barangay (Barangay Captain)26.  A barangay is the smallest governmental unit in a Philippine Town or City, analogous to a ward in American cities.

Gabino and Jorgea initially settled in Liloan, where their first three children were born.  Then sometime after 1880, the family moved to San Remigio, a town in northwestern Cebu.  When their son Victor was born, Gabino and Jorgea were still registered in Liloan, suggesting they had only recently arrived in San Remigio4a.  The birth of their fourth child, Florentina, is not found in the church records of either Liloan or San Remigio.

The known children of Gabino Cabahug and Jorgea Pitogo are:

i. Pascuala Cabahug Pascuala was born on May 17, 18744a, and she died in October 18744a.
ii. Emiliana Cabahug Emiliana was born on September 11, 18754a.  She married Mariano Pepito26.
iii. Aniceto Cabahug Aniceto was born on April 17, 18784a.  He married (1) Jacoba Gupong26 and (2) Leonarda Gocotano62.
iv. Florentina Cabahug Florentina was born about 187926.  She married Teodoro Andrin26
v. Victor Cabahug Victor was born on April 1, 188326.  He married Alejandra Pepito26
vi. Hipolita Cabahug Hipolita was born about 189026.  She married Vicente Laczon26
vii. Marcosa Cabahug Marcosa was born on April 25, 189126.  She married Gabriel Mongmongan38.

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