The Family of Melanio Mendoza and Eusebia Seno

Eusebia Seno was identified as a daughter of Gabriel Seno and Isabel del Castillo through entries in the Civil Register, as she was not listed among family members by Carlos Perez.  Eusebia was born about 1876, and died May 29, 19293.  She married Melanio Mendoza, son of Cornelio Mendoza and Pregonia Daniot, on February 15, 19053.  They had six children.

The children of Melanio and Euebia are:

i. Vicente Mendoza Vicente was born April 5, 19053.
ii. Bernardino "Dinoy" Mendoza Bernardino was born about 1908.  He married Francisca Cabahug on July 11, 19463.
iii. Basilia Mendoza Basilia was born May 23, 19123.
iv. Santiago Mendoza Santiago was born May 23, 19123.
v. Julio Mendoza Julio was born November 20, 19143.
vi. Felix Mendoza Felix was born about 1916.  He married Ines Collantes on March 6, 19543.

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