The Family of Abner Needham and Hannah Heaton

Abner Needham was born on December 17, 1746, the son of Anthony Needham and Mary Moulton29.  In May 1778, Abner married Hannah Heaton29.  According to Gardner, he was an upstanding citizen of South Brimfield and served as Town Clerk for nine years29.  Abner served in Capt. Freeborn Moulton's company of Minutemen, "which marched to Cambridge on the alarm of April 19 177533".  He left Cambridge on May 5, 1775, and returned home, having served 20 days.  He later served 72 days at Ticonderoga from May 6, 1777 to July 9, 177733.

In 1776, Abner fashioned a Powder Horn, decorated with scrimshaw.  The year 1776 appears three times, along with the date April 29.  Abner later gave the horn to his nephew, David Needham.  The transfer probably occurred shortly after Abner returned from Ticonderoga and before David joined the Northern Army on August 17, 1777.

Abner died on June 20 , 180029.

Abner and Hannah had the following children:

i. Frederic Needham Frederic was born on September 13, 178029
ii. James H. Needham James was born on April 28, 178329.
iii. Clarra Needham Clarra was born on December 21, 1784 29.
iv. Heaton Needham Heaton was born on August 19, 179029.

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