The Ancestors of Oliver Needham

The Family of Anthony Needham and Ann Potter

Anthony Needham was born in England in 1628.  Wells, in The Peabody Story, says "he came from Youlgrave, England, and that his father was also named Anthony28."  The source of this information is not given.  Anthony arrived in Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony, about 1650.  The date is variously given as 1651 or 1653.  On January 10, 165531, Anthony married Ann Potter and they settled on a grant of 200 acres in the part of Salem then known as Brookby.  Ann was the daughter of Humphrey Potter, who died in the Dublin massacre of 1641.  After the death of her father, she lived with her grandfather, Sir Thomas Potter of Coventry County, Warwick, England, and from there she was sent to Salem to live with her aunt, Rebecca Potter Bacon.

During the late 1650s and early 1660s, the Needham family was involved in the Quaker movement.  Mrs. Needham was fined for missing Sunday meeting and, when she refused to pay up, received a public whipping.  Ann and Anthony do not appear to have become serious Quakers, however, since their names continued to be listed as members of the Salem church.  In addition, Anthony served in the local militia and was a lieutenant in King Philip's War.  Anthony and Ann apparently lived past 1700, but the dates of their deaths are not recorded.

Anthony and Ann had the following children:

i. Rebecca Needham Rebecca was born on December 21, 165631.
ii. Anne Needham Anne was born on August 31, 165831.
iii. Elizabeth Needham Elizabeth was born on December 1, 165931.
iv. Provide Needham Provide was born on April 12, 166131.
v. Anthony Needham Anthony was born on April 11, 166331, and he died in 1758.  Anthony married Mary Swinerton.
vi. Mary Needham Mary was born on April 30, 166531.
vii. George Needham George was born on March 26, 166731.
viii. Isaac Needham Isaac was born on April 15, 166931.
ix. Abigail Needham Abigail was born on May 31, 167131.
x. Thomas Needham Thomas was born on July 25, 167331.
xi. Dorothy Needham Dorothy was born on August 25, 167531.
xii. Rachel Needham Rachel was born on March 17, 167731.

The Family of Anthony Needham and Mary Swinerton

Anthony Needham was born at Salem on April 11, 166331, the son of Anthony Needham and Ann Potter.  In 1685, he received 60 acres of land in Peacoby from his father and a year later he built the first section of the Needham house which became a local landmark.  This house survived until 1966, when it was torn down to make way for a service station.  Anthony married Mary Swinerton on January 3, 1694/9531, and raised a family of four boys and two girls.  Anthony lived until 1758.

Anthony and Mary had the following children:

i. Thomas Needham
ii. Anthony Needham Anthony was born on November 23, 1696, and he died on July 2, 1763.  Anthony married Mary Moulton.
iii. Humphrey Needham Humphrey married Dorothy Munger on April 4, 173927 .
iv. Rebecca Needham
v. Jasper Needham
vi. Ruth Needham

The Family of Anthony Needham and Mary Moulton

Anthony Needham, the second son of Anthony Needham and Mary Swinerton, was born at Salem, November 23, 1696.  On June 10, 172229 , he married Mary "Molly" Moulton of Windham, Connecticut.  The wedding apparently took place in Salem, where Mary's father had been born and where she had many relatives.  About 1726, Anthony and Mary, along with his brother Humphrey, moved from Salem to Brimfield, Massachusetts.  Gardner notes that Anthony settled in South Brimfield as early as 1727, and he and John Bullen, were the first in the town, which was later renamed Wales29.  Anthony died July 2, 176329, and Mary died in 1790.

Anthony and Mary had the following children:

i. Anthony Needham Anthony was born on May 18, 172327, and died in 1785.  He married Rebecca Munger.
ii. Mary Needham Mary was born on June 21, 172527.  She married Benjamin Cooley27.
iii. Hannah Needham Hannah was born in 172729.  She married W. Carpenter29.
iv. Ruth Needham Ruth was born on January 16, 1729/3027.  She married Israel Kibbey.
v. Naomi Needham Naomi was born on June 5, 173127.  She married Joseph Munger in 175627.
vi. Nehemiah Needham Nehemiah was born on April 4, 193427.  He married Eunice Fuller on June 21, 175427,29.
vii. Abigail Needham Abigail was born on November 10, 173627, and she died on December 11, 173629.
viii. Jasper Needham Jasper was born on July 31, 173827, and he died on December 14, 188129.  Jasper married Deborah Fuller on November 4, 175829.
ix. Jeremiah Needham Jeremiah was born on June 17, 174127.  He married Elizabeth Gardner on February 20, 176727.
x. Daniel Needham Daniel was born on September 10, 174327.  He married Thankful Corliss on August 2, 176527,29.
xi. Abner Needham Abner was born on December 17, 174627, and he died on June 20, 180029.  Abner married Hannah Heaton.

The Family of Anthony Needham and Rebecca Munger

Captain Anthony Needham was born May 18, 1723, at Brimfield, Massachusetts27, the son of Anthony Needham and Mary Moulton.  On September 3, 1741, he married Rebecca Munger27.  Anthony was active in community affairs and the local militia.  He served as selectman and assessor for Brimfield and later for South Brimfield. after that town was created in 1775.  In addition, he was the first representative from South Brimfield to the Massachusetts legislature.  Anthony was a Lieutenant in the French and Indian War and a Captain in the Revolution.  He led the company from South Brimfield which marched to Cambridge in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775, (Lexington and Concord).  Military records show a total of 11 days service.  Anthony died suddenly in 1785 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, while on a trip to Boston.  His wife, Rebecca, died in 1798.

Anthony and Rebecca had the following children:

i. Annah Needham Annah was born on March 2, 174227.
ii. Anthony Needham Anthony was born on November 27, 174427.
iii. Mary Needham Mary was born December 9, 174627.  She married R. Brown29.
iv. Samuel Needham Samuel was born on April 16, 174827, and he died in his childhood29.
v. Eunice Needham Eunice was born on December 2, 174927, and she died in her youth29.
vi. David Needham David was born on April 22, 175227, and he died on November 22, 1815.  David married Marsylvia Ainsworth.

The Family of David Needham and Marsylvia Ainsworth

Captain David Needham, the youngest child of Anthony and Rebecca Needham, was born April 22, 175227, at Brimfield, Massachusetts.  He married Marsylvia Ainsworth of Woodstock, Connecticut on June 10, 177929.  Their family consisted of seven sons and four daughters.  David also served in the Revolutionary War, as a musician (fifer).  He entered service August 17, 1777 and was discharged on November 29 1777, and was present at the surrender of Burgoyne after the battle of Saratoga.  Excerpts from the diary he kept during his service has been preserved by the family.  It was likely at this time, that his uncle, Abner Needham, gave him a powder horn.

David died November 22, 181529, and Marsylvia died May 20, 185329, at the age of 94.

David and Marsylvia had the following children:

i. Luke Needham Luke Needham was born on May 27, 178029, and he died the same day.
ii. Polly Marcy Needham Polly was born on April 12, 1782, in South Brimfield29.  She married Ezra Allen in 1803.
iii. Alfred Needham Alfred was born on February 15, 178429, and died on March 27, 1853.  He married Sally Pratt on April 19, 1807.  Sally was born on June 21, 1787, and died on February 24, 1848.
iv. Anthony Needham Anthony was born on February 24, 178629, and died on April 17, 181929.
v. Oliver Needham Oliver was born on March 8, 1788, at South Brimfield1,29 and he died on August 17, 1875, at Concord, New York14.  Oliver married Lodisa Green.
vi. Sally Needham Sally was born on June 4, 1790, at South Brimfield29.  She married Adolphus Webber on May 12, 1811.
vii. William Needham William was born on March 18, 179229, and he died on September 17, 1794.
viii. Rebecca Needham Rebeccsa was born on May 20, 1794, at South Brimfield29.  She married Silas Perry in April of 1794.
ix. William A. Needham William was born on May 5, 179629, and he died in 1860.  William married Orinda Nelson.
x. Lorinda Needham Lorinda was born on November 9, 179829.  She married D. Moore29.
xi. Andrew A. Needham Andrew was born on September 1, 180029.

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