Needham Family Reunion

Needham Reunion

The Needham family of Western New York, descendants of Charles Needham and Eveline Martin, held regular family reunions for many years, well into the 1950's.  These were energized by Eliza Needham Trevett and later by Alice Needham Faulring and her daughter Ethel Faulring Zahler.  As time passed and later generations lost touch, and reunions were limited to family members who remained the the Boston, New York area.  The picture above was taken in 1940 at the Grange Hall in Boston, during that year's reunion.

Reunion participants are listed below:

First Row: Ellis Rogers,  Elwin Townsend,  Elwood Townsend,  Marilyn Townsend,  Ross Townsend,  Donald Rogers.
Second Row: Dee Blakely,  Mary Dye Blakely,  Phil Trevett,  Eliza Needham Trevett,  Warren Needham,  Eva Dye Lewis,  Jessie Mayo Cary,  Jenny Mayo,  Eunice Trevett.
Third Row: Esther Blakely (with son Edward),  Ward Blakely,  Edna Dye,  Ruth Trevett Meyer,  Raymond Endress, 
Georgia Dye Endress,  Fred Blanchard,  Susie Dye Blanchard,  Jessie Needham May,  Nicholas May, 
George Faulring,  Alice Needham Faulring,  Flora Dye Keen,  Ethel Popple Blakely (with son Lee), 
Elton Blakely.
Fourth Row: Lydia Blakely,  Norman Blakely,  Rachel Blakely Rogers,  Onnalee Trevett Townsend,  Ethel Faulring Zahler,  Florence May Drankhan,  Esther Ketterer Faulring,  Elsie Trevett Horton,  Gladys May,  Shirley Trevett, 
Clara Weisser Trevett.
Fifth Row: Julius Meyer,  Jr.,  Alton Trevett,  Kathryn May,  Gordon Rogers,  Sanford Townsend,  Lyle Zahler,  Donald Meyer,  two friends of Lydia Blakely,  Glenn Trevett,  Herold Faulring.