The Family of Charles Needham and Eveline Martin

Seventh Generation

Charles and Eveline

Charles and Eveline Needham - about 1870

Charles Needham was born on October 2, 1817, in Stafford, Connecticut, the second child of Oliver Needham and Lodisa Green3.  When two years old, he moved with his parents and older brother to Concord Valley in Erie County, New York.  Charles boyhood years were spent on the family farm getting a practical education in farming and a formal education in District School3.  About 1838, Charles went to Wales, Massachusetts (formerly South Brimfield), where his parents were born.  He spent a year there, visiting relatives and working for an uncle3.

Marriage Certificate
Marriage Certificate

On October 16, 1845, Charles was married to Eveline Glorvina Martin by Reverend Potter in Evans, New York3.  Eveline was born on December 13, 1825, at Fort Ann, New York, the daughter of Alanson Martin and Rebecca Polly14.  Eveline and her family moved to Concord, New York in the 1830's and settled in Eden, New York.

Eveline Needham
Eveline Needham

For a time, Charles and Eveline lived with his parents.  However, they soon bought a farm just north of his father's, where they lived for several years.  Then, in 1870 Charles sold his farm and purchased 25 acres down the valley near Fowlerville3.  Charles and Eveline kept a few hens, a horse and two cows.  Milk production during the summer was taken to the nearby Dye cheese factory.  Eveline would sometimes take in boarders to supplement the family's income3.

Eveline was a fine needlewoman.  She quilted many many beautiful patchwork quilts, did other fine needlework and hand made shirts3.  She was much admired by family and friends.

On April 14, 1879, after living in Fowlerville for over 8 years, Charles and Eveline traded their farm for a 140 acre farm in Boston, New York, owned by William Twitchel3.  In 1893, Charles and Eveline sold their farm to their daughter, Eliza, who earlier that year had married Phillip Trevett, and retired from farming.  They continued to live with Phillip and Eliza.  Charles died on March 28, 189714, and Eveline died on April 10, 190814.

The children of Charles and Eveline were:

Eighth Generation

i. David Mason Needham David was born on March 17, 184714, and he died on October 14, 187614.  David married Olive B. Fuller.
ii. Lydia Rebecca Needham Lydia was born on May 1, 184914, and she died on January 27, 192614.  Lydia married William E. Dye.
iii. Laura Alice Needham Laura was born on September 6, 185114, and she died on December 3, 186714.
iv. Oliver Warren Needham Warren was born on October 17, 185514, and he died on October 19, 194514.  Warren married Alice Elizabeth Hale.
v. Hester Eliza Needham Eliza was born on August 15, 186214, and she died on February 12, 196114.  Eliza married Phillip S. Trevett.

Descendants of Charles and Eveline


Needham Family Reunion - 1940

Laura Needham:


Laura Needham - probably 1867

Laura Needham was born on September 17, 1851, the third child of Charles Neeham and Eveline Martin.  She lived her life on the family farm in Concord, New York.  It was a short life, as Laura died on December 3, 1867, at the age of sixteen. 

The picture above was very likely taken in recognition of her sixteeth birthday.  Judging from the drawing she made, shown below, she was typical of many teenage girls her age, at a time drawing and other artisitic activities were common.  In this case, the side of the bird displays the name Geo. W. Smith and the ribbon from the bird's mouth has the name Laura A.  Needham.  A romantic young lady?


Drawing by Laura Needham

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