The Family of George Beechler and Helen Kehl

Third Generation

Helen Kehl was born on February 28, 18661, in Bennington, New York, daughter of Nicholas Kehl and Anna Zehler.  She grew up on the family farms in Bennington and Sheldon.  On May 4, 18862, Helen married George Beechler, the son of Bernard Beechler and Magdalena Besen.  George was born April 30, 18651, and he died August, 193991.  The Beechler family first appears in the records of the St. Cecilia's parish in the 1850's, and probably immigrated around that time.  In these early records their name had the German spelling Büchler.  The family was located on the Allegany road, bordering on the original Zehler homestead, and Anna and George undoubtedly had considerable contact through family and as members of Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Bennington.

In 1886, George purchased a farm in Bennington, where he and Helen began life together and where their children were born.  In the mid to late 1890s, around the age of 30, Helen died, leaving her husband and three children.  On July 31, 18992, George married for a second time to Eva Waltz, and they had one additional child, named Paul.  George and Eva continued to live in Bennington until sometime in the 1920's, when they moved to Batavia, New York.  George died there in August, 1939.

The children of George and Helen are:

Fourth Generation

i. Walter Bernard Beechler Walter was born July 2, 18872, and he died May 8, 193762.  Walter married Elizabeth Bastedo.
ii. Bertha Beechler Bertha was born November 23, 18882, and she died January 31, 1977 76.  Bertha married Nicholas Sylvester Glaser.
iii. John Arthur Beechler John was born November 30, 18902, and he died January 19, 1891 2.
iv. Claude Francis Beechler Claude was born March 12, 18932.  Claude married Ethel Marie Blood.

Walter Beechler:

Walter Bernard Beechler was born July 2, 18872, in Bennington, New York, the first child of George Beechler and Helen Kehl.  After his mother's death and his father's remarriage in 1899, he continued to live on the family farm until sometime in the early 1900's33.  However, in 1910, he and his brother, Claude, were living with his grandmother, Anna in Bennington Center, perhaps to keep her company in her old age84.  He was working as a produce dealer84.

By 1914, Walter had moved to Buffalo, New York, and was partner in Beechler and Ziewers, a grocery store80.  Census data indicate that Walter was the operator of the grocery store73,79 and it is likely his partner and uncle, Gerhard Ziewers, provided capital to establish the grocery, but did not participate in its operation.

About 1923, Walter married Elizabeth Bastedo.  Elizabeth was born September 4, 1898, the daughter of Edward Bastedo.  Walter and Elizabeth continued to live in Buffalo, where they raised a family of two sons.  Walter died there on May 8, 193762, and Elizabeth died on April 26, 197418,62.

Bertha Beechler:

Bertha Beechler was born November 23, 18882, the second child of George Beechler and Helen Kehl.  She grew up on the family farm in Bennington.  In 1907, Bertha had a child, out of wedlock, named Helena.  Helena's marriage record names her father as Albert Beechler, who was probably a cousin of Bertha.

The child of Bertha is:

Fifth Generation

i. Helena A. Beechler Helena was born July 17, 19072, and she died in 196881.  Helena married Wilmer A. Schramm on October 10, 1925.  Wilber was born October 22, 190618, and he died January 12, 196718,82.

On April 22, 1909, Bertha married Nicholas Sylvester Glaser at St. John the Baptist in Alden, New York83.  Nicholas was born on June 13, 18811, the son of John Glaser and Maria Kuhn.  Nicholas and Bertha settled in the Town of Bennington, where they purchased a farm49,84.  Then, about 192781, Nicholas and family moved to Batavia, New York, where he was employed in a gypsum plant85.  Nicholas and Bertha had two children.  Nicolas died August 9, 196836, and Berth died on January 31, 197781.

The children of Nicholas and Bertha are:

Fifth Generation

ii. Viola May Glaser Viola was born June 18, 19112, and she died February 14, 199818.  Viola married Frederick L. Sass on June 30, 192886.  Frederick was born January 29, 190818, and he died November 17, 197918.
iii. Clifford Glaser Clifford was born February 27, 19172, and he died December 27 199718.  Clifford married Virginia A. _______.  Virginia was born October 17, 191818, and she died in February 197918,82.

Claude Beechler:

Claude Francis Beechler was born in March 23, 18932, in Bennington, New York, the fourth child of George Beechler and Helen Kehl.  After his mother's death and his father's remarriage in 1899, he continued to live on the family farm until sometime in the early 1900's33.  However, in 1910, he and his brother, Walter, were living with his grandmother, Anna in Bennington Center, perhaps to keep her company in her old age84.  At the time, Claude was working as a laborer, doing odd jobs.

On November 23, 1915, Claude married Ethel Marie Blood at Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Bennington2.  Ethel was born March 17, 18962, the daughter of Walter Blood and Lenise Walz.  In 1920, Claude and Ethel were living in the Town of Batavia and he was working as a laborer in a shop87.  Then in 1930, he worked as a machinist making road machinery88.  Claude and Ethel raised a family of nine children,

The children of Claude and Ethel are:

Fifth Generation

i. Mildred Eva Beechler Mildred was born in 191640, and she died in 197040.  Mildred married Arthur E. Smiths in 193540.  Arthur was born April 9, 191118, and he died March 5, 198218.
ii. Florence L. Beechler Florence was born December 19, 191718, and she died January 18, 199718.  Florence married Gordon Renegar in 193640.  Gordon was born in 191489, and he died in 199289.
iii. Claude Elton Beechler Claude was born in 191989, and he died in 195489.  Claude married Shirley Elaine Quackenbush.  Shirley was born September 21, 191990, and she died February 13, 198890.
iv. Walter R. Beechler Walter was born April 8, 192118, and he died June 20, 195518.  Walter married Clara Quackenbush.
v. Kenneth Donald Beechler Kenneth was born on September 9, 192518,36, and he died September 20, 196818,36.  Kenneth married Edith Carrie Ridge on June 3, 194940.  Edith was born September 16, 192318,36, and she died March 12, 199218,36.
vi. LaVern Beechler LaVern was born march 28, 192818, and he died July 12, 200318.  LaVern married Mary Reding.
vii. Dolores Beechler Dolores was born February 29, 193218, and she died in August 197918.  Dolores married William McCullough.
viii. Breverly Beechler Beverly married William Lockwood.
ix. Donna Beechler Donna married Gerald Matla.

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