The Family of Juan Ouano and Eustacia Cabahug

Eustacia Cabahug:

Eustacia Cabahug was the daughter of Benito Cabahug and Tomasa Sanchez.  She married Juan Ouano.

The children of Juan and Eustacia are:

i. Marcela Ouano Marclea born on June 29, 18842, and she died on February 22, 19822.  Marcela married Marcos Biaño.
ii. Felipe Ouano Felipe was born on September 22 18852, and he died on September 22, 19492.  Felipe married (1) Demetria ______ and (2) Alberta Añosa.
iii. Restituto Ouano Restituto was born on May 17, 18862.  Restituto married Vicente Patigayon.
vi. Alejandra Ouano Alejandra was born on May 3, 18882 and she died on February 6 19712.  Alejandra married Florentino Seno.
v. Ceferino Ouano Ceferino was born about 18933.  She married Cristina Basilgo.
vi. Gregorio Ouano Gregorio was bornon May 25, 18942, and he died on November 9, 19853.  Gregorio married Anatalia Patigayon.
vii. Andrea Ouano Andrea was born about 18963.  She married Doroteo Patigayon.
vii. Balbino Ouano Balbino was born on March 31, 19012, Died on March 1, 18752Remedios Cuizon.
ix. Magno Ouano Magno was born on January 1, 19043.  He married Jaunita Madrio.

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