Descendants of Benito Cabahug and Tomasa Sanchez

The Maximino Branch

First Generation

Benito Cabahug is the progenitor of an extensive branch of the Cabahug family.  He was undoubtedly born in Mandaue, probably around 1820, judging from the ages of his children and grandchildren.  About 1840, Benito married Tomasa Sanchez.  It should be noted that Benito and Tomasa did not have surnames at this time, as was typical of Filipinos prior to 1850.  In that year they adopted a surname; Benito became Benito Cabajug and Tomasa became Tomasa Sanchez.  We do not know the names of Benito's parents, but we can be confident that Benito was closely related to the other individuals who also adopted the Cabajug name and particularly to Jacinto Andres and Josef Silvestre.

Benito was a member of the "principalia", the upper class, who where leaders in the local society.  And, like many members of the principalia, Benito was a mestizo Sangley, a Filipino of Chinese ancestry.  Benito was also a business man who apparently traded in agricultural products.  Dr. Michael Cullinane found an entry in the early Spanish records that lists Benito Cabahug as a resident of Omopao or Ompao, Mandaue in 1868 and an "inquilino" of the Seminario de San Carlos4.  As an inquilino, Benito rented land from the Seminario and arranged for tenant farmers to work the land on shares.  Benito would then trade his share of the produce in the agricultural market in Cebu City, possibly with the help of a family member.  Felix Cabahug, a resident of the Parian, is a likely candidate for this family member.

Benito's status and business activity is further illustrated by an 1876 entry in the notary records, which shows that he had financial transactions with Maria dela Anuciacion Climaco, a member of the wealthy and powerful Climaco family in Cebu City49, while an 1889 record shows that Benito owned land in Mandaue51.  The latter record also indicates that Benito was deceased when the record was made.

The children of Benito and Tomasa are:

Second Generation

i. Maximino Cabahug Maximino was born in the early to mid 1840's and died before 1900.  He married Fausta Barte.
ii. Narciso Cabahug Narciso Cabahug was born October 29, 18542, and died on May 24, 19313.  He married Cirila Barte.
iii. Cornelio Cabahug Cornelio was born about 18553, and died on February 12, 19373.  He married Eugenia Seno.
iv. Eduardo Cabahug Eduardo married Martina Gepiga .
v. Juan Cabahug Juan married Generosa Cortes.
vi. Eustacia Cabahug Eustacia married Juan Ouano.
vii. Regina Cabahug
viii. Catalina Cabahug
ix. Higina Cabahug
x. Clara Cabahug

Further information (names, places and dates) on Benito Cabahug's children can be found in the RootsWeb WorldConnect database.  For a direct link is to his family in that database, click here.

Second Generation

Maximino Cabahug:

Judging from the age of his wife and children, Maximino was born in the early to mid 1840's, which places him among the oldest children of Benito Cabahug and Tomasa Sanchez.  Maximino's descendants were added to Benito's family in 1992, based on two affidavits sworn by elderly family members.  Unfortunately, these individuals mistakenly identified him as Filomeno, a name still used for his lineage.  For the details on the affidavits and on the mixup in name, see this Link.

Maximino probably married Fausta Barte in the early 1860s.  At least in later life, the couple lived in Maguiky at the intersection of the crossing road and the national highway (see affidavit of Saturnina Cabahug Dabon).  This land, which was originally part of the Hacienda de Mandaue, is near the intersection of M.L. Quezon Street and M.C. Briones Street.  Maximino and Fausta had three children that we know of born between 1868 and 1881. The absence of additional children, combined with information from the affidavits cited above, suggest that Maximino died before 1900, and possibly in the 1880s.  Fausta continued to live in Maguikay where she had a store at the corner of the crossing road and the national highway.  Fausta died on July 26, 1920, at the age of 803.  Her death is recorded under her maiden name, a Spanish tradition, which indicates she had been a widow for many years.

The children of Maximino and Fausta are:

Third Generation

i. Maria Cabahug Maria was born in 18689, and she died in 19309.  She married Simon Cortes.
ii. Ambrosio Cabahug Ambrosio Cabahug was born on June 5, 18699, and died on June 11, 196013.  He married Cayetana Sanchez.
iii. Severino Cabahug Severino was born about 18813.  He married (1) Julia del Castillo and (2) Agripina Villamor.

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