The Family of Juan Cabahug and Generosa Cortes

Juan Cabahug:

Juan Cabahug was the son of Benito Cabahug and Tomasa Sanchez.  Juan married Generosa Cortes.  The children of Juan and Generosa are:

i. Francisca Cabahug Francisca was born on September 7, 18792, and she died on December 15, 19613.  Francisca married Donato Codoy.
ii. Paulino Cabahug Paulino was born on February 17, 18823, and he died on March 7, 19572.  Paulino married Melania Adofo.
iii. Regina Cabahug Regina was born about 18873.  She married Pantaleon Malazarte.

Juan also had relationships with Modesta Flores and an individual named Pareja.  These relationships lead to the following children:

i. Catalina Flores Catalina married Isabelo Echivarre.
ii. Juan Pareja Juan was born About 18943, and he died on December 30, 19453.  Juan married Ana Siglos.

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