Descendants of Pedro Cabahug

Pedro Cabahug was born about 1870 in Mandaue3, the fourth child of Bartolo Cabahug and Florencia Seno.  Pedro apparently grew up and lived in Mandaue.  In the early 1890s, Pedro married Apolonia Briones.  Pedro and Apolonia had two children.  Then Apolonia died at an early age, and Pedro entrusted the care of their children to Apolonia's brother, who was a priest in the town of Borbon, Cebu, at the time.  As part of this arrangement, the surname of the children was changed to Briones, which is reflected in the table below.

The children of Pedro and Apolonia are:

i. Manuel Cabahug Briones Manuel was born on January 1, 189446, and he died on September 29, 195746.  Manuel married Celestina Lorenzo.  Manuel and Celestina had six children.
ii. Buenaventura Cabahug Briones Buenaventure was born on July 14, 19009, and died on February 12, 19759.  He married Victoria L______.  Victoria was born on February 17, 19159, and died on February 20, 20059.  Buenavetura and Victoria had twelve children.

After the death of his first wife, Pedro had a relationship with Julia Señas, which resulted in two children45.  Julia was born on December 30, 18709, and died on October 28, 19669.

The children of Pedro and Julia are:

i. Honorata Señas Honorata was born on January 11, 19049, and she died on November 30, 19419.  Honorata married Pedro Ceniza.  Pedro was born May 19, 18969, the son of Ignacio Ceniza and Bonifacia Mendoza, and he died on November 30, 19419.
ii. Epifania Señas Epifania was born about 19063,45, and she died on July 16, 19903.  Epifania married (1) Simeon Sebastian and (2) Moises Tagalog.  Simeon and Epifania had one child and Moises and Epifania had four children.

Marriage Record

Excerpt from the Marriage Record of Pedro and Marta Labares

On May 24, 1906, Pedro married Marta Labares3.  Marta was born about 1877, in Mandaue, the daughter of Nicasio Labares and Macaria Flores.  There is no evidence of children from this marriage, nor is it know how or whether the marriage was ended.

Ignacio Ceniza also reported the Pedro had children the following children45:

Diosdado "Dadang" Mendoza

Angel Sanchez
Bastiana Sanchez
Celestina Sanchez
Apolonia Sanchez

No other information is available concerning these individuals.

Manuel C. Briones

Manuel C. Briones is one of the outstanding members of the Cabahug family.  He was born of January 1, 189446, the son of Pedro Cabahug and Apolonia Briones.  After the death of his mother, Manuel and his brother were placed under the care of the brother of Apolonia, who was a Catholic priest in Borbon, Cebu.  It was at this time that their surnames were changed to Briones.  Manuel and his brother are said to have lived in various towns in Cebu.

The Senate Profile of Manuel summarizes his illustrious career as follows47:

"... and after his years of educational training he found work as newspaperman.  He rose to become editor of La Tribuna and El Espectador, Cebu papers published in Spanish.

In 1916 he finished law and became a member of the Philippine Bar.  Not long after the people of Cebu made him their representative and he served in the House of Representatives for four terms, (1918-1931).  He co-authored the country's first labor law, known today as the Workmen's Compensation Act.  He also served in the House as Majority Floor Leader, and he headed a legislative survey mission to Mindanao, which resulted in the construction of road and highway projects there.

Briones was also member of the Philippine Independence mission to the United States in 1930.  From 1931 to 1935, he served as senator.  He was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1934, and he was one of the seven that composed the Committee of Wise Men, which drafted the Philippine Constitution.

The Nacionalista party made him vice-presidential standard-bearer in 1949, but he lost.  In 1951, he was again elected to the Senate and he was subsequently chosen Senate President Pro Tempore up to 1957.

He was a member of international cultural societies, including the Royal Academy of Spanish-American Sciences and Arts, and of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

He married Celestina Lorezo and they had six children."

Manuel Briones died of a heart disease on September 29, 1957, at the age of 63.  He was aboard the M/V Cagayan de Oro on the way to Manila for medical treatment at the time of his death.  He was buried on October 3, 1957 in the Cebu Cemetery.

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