The Family of Lorenzo Cortes and Gregoria Perez

of Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines


Signature of Lorenzo Cortes in an 1895 Protocolos Entry

Gregoria Perez, the daughter of Ignacio Perez and Anastacia Zanoriz, was known as "Goyang".  Gregoria married Lorenzo Cortes, probably in the mid-1880's, which suggests that Gregoria was born in the early to mid-1860's.  We know little about her life, as she apparently died at a relatively young age. 

Lorenzo was born on September 5, 1863
9.  In an 1889 entry in the Protocolos, Lorenzo is listed as a land owner in sitio Liong, Mandaue56.  Then in 1895, Lorenzo sold land in Umapad to Miguel Sanchez for 550 pesos57, a substantial sum.  He inherited this land from his mother, Cipriana Cortes.  Finally, During Spanish times, he served as Tenieñte and Cabeza de Barangay5.  Clearly, Lorenzo was among the important citizens of Mandaue.

Lorenzo died on April 29, 1951

Lorenzo Cortes and Gregoria Perez had the following children:

i. Maria Cortes Maria was born in 1887.
ii. Lucio Cortes Lucio was born about 1888.
iii. Gregorio Cortes Gregorio was born in 1890.  He married Toribia Cabahug.
iv. Eleuteria Cortes Eleuteria was born in 1895.
v. Rufina Cortes Rufina was born about 1901.  She married Eriberto Pepito.

Picture of Cortes Siblings
Lucio, Rufina, Eleuteria and Maria Cortes


Maria Cortes

Maria "Insi Biak" Cortes was born February 3, 1887, and died March 28, 19759.  Maria was one of the early teachers in the Mandaue Public School5.  She joined the teaching staff a few years after the schools were organized in 1904-5.  Maria remained single, living with her brother, Lucio, and her sister, Eleuteria.


Lucio Cortes

Lucio Cortes was born May 6, 1888, and died April 27, 19789.  He was also a school teacher and started the first private school in Maguikay.  Lucio also remained single and lived with his sisters, Maria and Eleuteria.


Gregorio Cortes

Gregorio Cortes was born December 24, 1890, and died July 14, 19849.  Prior to his marriage, Gregorio had a relationship with Dorotea Fontanoza.  The child of this relationship is:

i. Beatriz Fontanoza Beatriz was born about 19253.  she married Reginaldo Flores.

On October 31, 1933 he married Toribia Cabahug, the daughter of Sabas Cabahug and Nemesia Mendoza3.  Toribia was born April 27, 1900, and died June 25, 19779.

The family of Gregorio Cortes and Toribia Cabahug is:

i. Ignacio Cortes Ignacio was born August 7, 1932, and died November 04, 19949.
ii. Lorenzo Cortes Lorenzo married Morita "Eday" Llenes.
iii. Amelia Cortes

Eleuteria Cortes
Eleuteria Cortes
Great Mandauehanons

Eleuteria Cortes

Eleuteria Cortes, known as "Inday Teriang", was born October 9, 1895, and died October 9, 19849.  Inday Teriang was the first registered nurse in Madaue and she has been honored as one of "Mandaue's Great Leaders".  She remained single throughout her life, living with her brother Lucio and sister Maria.

Rufina Cortes

Rufina and Eriberto Pepito
Rufina and Eriberto celebrate 50th Anniversary - ca. 1981

Rufina Cortes was born November 16, 1901, and died April 2, 19853.  Prior to her marriage, she had a child from a relationship with an unkown man.

i. Fe Cortes. Fe married Narciso Pitogo

About 1931, Rufina married Eriberto Pepito, who was born March 16, 1907, and died April 19, 1986
3.  Prior to World War II, Eriberto owned and drove a car for hire by businessmen and visitors.  His travels took him as far as Mindanao.  In later years, he operated a jeepney business.  Eriberto also had a child out of wedlock named Josefina Reulo

The family of Rufina Cortes and Eriberto Pepito is:

i. Benjamin Pepito Benjamin married Bernardita Yballe.
ii. Francisco Pepito Francisco married Gregoria Dampog.
iii. Marina Pepito Marina married Jesus Redelosa.
iv. Justino Pepito Justino married Bienvenida Dumon.
v. Celsa Pepito Celsa married Ruy Echavez.
vi. Romulo Pepito Romulo married Lennie Rosal.

Rufina and Eriberto Pepito
top row:  Romulo, Francisco, Benjamin, and Justino
bottom row:  Celsa, Fe, Marina and Josefina.

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