The Family of Maximo Perez and Basilia Nolasco

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Maximo Perez, the son of Ignacio Perez and Anastacia Zanoriz, married Basilia Nolasco about 1880, judging from the birth of his children.  His descendants recall that Maximo fought for Philippine independence during the Spanish-American War and was killed by the Spanish at a relatively young age.  His wife, Basilia died December 12, 1935, at the age of 90.

The family of Maximo Perez has a long-standing, special relationship with the Santo Niño.  For several generations, the family has treasured a small statue of the Santo Niño, and each January they venerate the statue with a novena, ending in a fiesta on the last Friday of the month.  The celebration attracts many members of the extended family.

The origin of this celebration is not known.  However, Susan Flores recalls that the Santa Niño statue was handed down from Basilia Nolasco to her three single daughters, Insi Abing, Oray Aning and Insi Tilde.  This suggests that the statue and likely its fiesta date back to the 19th Century.  She also related that the statue disappeared during World War II, when the family evacuated to the hills.  After the defeat of the Japanese and their return home, the statue was found in an old, dry well, covered with banana leaves.  Celebration of a Novena resumed anew, with the statue being handed down to succeeding generations in the family.  Today, the statue is in the care of Penny Perez, who hosts the annual novena and fiesta with the help of other family members.

Maixmo Perez and Basilia Nolasco had the following children:

i. Patricio"Inco Pati" Perez Patricio was born about 1882, and died in 1961.  He married first, Macaria Arche, and second, Juana Branzuela.
ii. Felisa "Piling" Perez Felisa was born about 1884.  She married Juan Pepito.
iii. Flabiana "Insi Abing" Perez Flabiana was born about 1886, and died July 23, 19763.  She remained single.
iv. Ana "Oray Aning" Perez Ana remained single.
v. Matilde "Insi Tilde" Perez Matilde was born about 1892.  She remained single.
vi. Teodorico Perez Teodorico was born about 1896, and died in 19603.  He married Bonifacia Soco.

children of Maximo Perez
Children of Maximo and Basilia Perez
Flabiana                                     Ana


Patricio Perez

Patricio Perez was born about 1882, judging from his age when he married, and he died August 17, 19613.  He lived in Looc, Mandaue, where he was a businessman, overseeing the family agricultural properties.  His descendants continue to live on the family's property.

On May 23, 1904, Patricio married Macaria Arche, the daughter of Genoveva Arche who apparently died within a few years of their marriage.

The family of Patricio Perez and Macaria Arche is:

i. Pablo Perez Pablo was born June 30, 1904, and died December 11, 19813.  He remained single.

Patricio next married Juana Branzuela, the daughter of Eleuterio Branzuela and Casimera Montejo on September 25, 19093.  Juana died October 30, 19583, at the age of 73.

The family of Patricio Perez and Juana Branzuela is:

ii. Visitacion "Acion" Perez Visitacion was born about 1911.  She married Salomino Flores.
iii. Pantaleon Perez Pantaleon was born July 23, 1912, and died March 22, 19223.
iv. Emiliana Perez Emiliana was born July 30, 1914 and died June 6, 1977.  She married Graciano Mendoza.
v. Manuel Perez Manuel was born June 17, 1917, and died January 15, 19729.  He married Flabiana Signe.
vi. Juliana Perez Juliana was born February 18, 1920 and died April 27, 1992.  She married Clemente Bragat.

Family Pictures:

Visitacion Perez

Visitacion Perez with sons, Salomeno and Raymundo
Manuel and Flabiana Perez

Manuel and Flabiana Perez
Mendoza Cabahug Wedding

Aquiles Mendoza - Natividad Cabahug
Graciano and Emeliana Mendoza stand behind the bride
Bragat Family

Family of Clemete and Juliana Bragat
children: Maximo, George, Teresita, Prudencia and Galileo

Patricio is also known to have another child through a relationship with Felisa Arche.  Felisa was the cousin of Macaria Arche, Patricio's first wife.

The child of this relationship is:
i. Celso Arche Celso married Felisa Estrella.


Felisa Perez

Felisa Perez was born about 1884, the second child of Maximo Perez and Basilia Nolasco.  As a young lady, Felisa entered into a compact with her three sisters to remain single.  However, she later decided to marry Juan Pepito and as a result was shunned by her family.  This explains her absence from the picture above.

Flabiana, Ana and Matilde Perez

The single daughters of Maximo, Insi Abing, Oray Aning and Insi Tilde, were well known in Mandaue.  In addition to continuing the family tradition of venerating the Santo Niño, they also prepared Bibingka using their unique recipe.  The resulting product is still praised by older Mandauehanons for its memorable taste.

Teodorico Perez

Teodorico Perez was born about 1896, and he died December 06, 19603.  He married Bonifacia Soco about 1917.  Bonifacia died April 24, 1985, at 87 years of age3.  Teodorico Perez lived in Alang-Alang, Mandaue, adjacent to the homes of his cousins Isabel Perez Sanchez and Bonifacia Perez.  He was a businessman, overseeing the family agricultural properties

The family of Teodorico Perez and Bonifacia Soco is:

i. Gregorio Perez Gregorio married Rufina Toring.
ii. Simplicio Perez Simplicio was born November 19, 1919, and died April 16, 19213.
iii. Jose "Otik" Perez Jose married Maria Vicenta Naparate.
iv. Cristobal Perez
v. Ciriaco Perez
vi. Pio Perez Pio married Consorcia Murillo.
vii. Delfin Perez Delfin married Cresencia Sanchez.
viii. Dominica Perez
ix. Eleuteria Perez
x. Eleno Perez Eleno married Lilia Lumapas.

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