The Family of Venancio Perez

of Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines

Venancio Perez, the son of Ignacio Perez and Anastacia Zanoriz, died March 23, 19323, at the age of 70, indicating he was born about 1862.  Venancio married Dominga "Ingga" Malazarte, with whom he had seven children.  At some time, Venancio also had a relationship with Catalina Gestopa which resulted in a son12.

Little is known about the family of Venancio Perez and Dominga Malazarte, with the exception of their daughter Juliana.  Venancio and Dominga had the following children:

i. Juliana "Eliang" Perez Julilana was born about 1896.  She married Gervacio Sanchez.
ii. "Pilo" Perez
iii. "Genio" Perez

The child of Venancio Perez and Catalina Gestopa was:
viii. Andres Gestopa Andres was born about 1888.  He married Concordia Mendoza.


Juliana Perez

Juliana Perez was born about 1896, judging from her age at the time of her marriage.  Juliana married Gervacio Sanchez on June 9, 19203.   Gervacio was the son of Maximino Sanchez and Gregoria Ermac.

The family of Juliana Sanchez and Gervacio Sanchez is:

i. Jose Sanchez Jose married Julia Mayol.
ii. Marta Sanchez Marta married Aniano Cabatingan.
iii. Juanita Sanchez Juanita married Diosdado Genario.
iv. Domingo Sanchez Domingo married Concordia Inocando.
v. Amado Sanchez
vi. Asuncion Sanchez


Andres Gestopa

Andres Gestopa was born about 1888, judging from his age at the time of his marriage.  Andres married Concordia Mendoza on November 29, 19193.  concordia was the daughter of Estefanio Gerongay and Maxima Mendoza.  Concordia was born August 13, 1892, and died January 1, 19819.

The family of Andres Gestopa and Concorda Mendoza is:

i. Gerardo Gestopa Gerardo was born April 1, 1921, and died February 7, 20059.  He married Eduvigis Ermac.
ii. Lourdes Gestopa Lourdes was born November 30, 19223, and in 2003.
iii. Guillermo Gestopa Guillermo married Clara Rosal.
iv. Tomas Gestopa Tomas married Fermina Cabillo.

Gerardo Gestopa

Gerardo Gestopa

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