The Family of Catalino Seno

Much about the life of Catalino Seno remains a mystery.  We know he was born on May 28, 188460, the son of Gabriel Seno and Isabel del Castillo, and he died on March 4, 195560.  However, much of his early life remains largely unknown.

One possible glimpse of Catalino's life comes from the research of Dr. Michael Cullinane, who found a reference to Don Catalino Seno.  In 1896, he was appointed Juez de Paz (Justice of the Peace) at Tudela, a town in the Camotes Islands4.  According to Dr. Cullinane, this would indicate that he had more than average education and was qualified for this somewhat prestigious post, though in Camotes.  It alos meant that he would have had to move to Tudela to hold the position and there is no indication that Don Catalino accepted this appointment.  While no direct evidence has been found to show that this is the same Catalino Seno, it is a distinct possibility and suggests that Catalino was a respected member of the community.

Shortly before 1900 and after the death of her husband, Catalino entered into a relationship with Bonifacia Perez, which resulted in two children.  Unforutnately, Catalino's attitude towards his children and his treatment of them as they grew up caused them to dislike him.  This was particularly true of Catalina, who refused to speak about her father or his family.

In later life, Catalino suffered from diabetes and became an alcoholic.  For what ever reason, he lost all sense of self respect and lived on the edge of society.  In the end, his home was a bed of straw in a back corner of Carlos Perez' rice mill.

The children of Catalino and Bonifacia are:

i. Catalina Perez Catalina was born April 30, 1900, and died May 21 1998.  She remained single.
ii. Carlos Perez Carlos was born November 4, 1902, and died February 29, 1996.  He married Candelaria Cabahug.

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