Compiling a family genealogy and history for our extended familiy required the help of many resources.  Particularly important are the many relatives, who have stories, pictures and other information.  Without their willing and enthusiastic help, this presentation would not be possible.  We are indebted to all our new friends and relatives for their generous support.  The following individuals and organizations were particularly helpful.

First, I greatly appreciate the support, encouragement and help of my family, especially my wife and my mother. Lucy was very forgiving of the time spent on this project and very helpful in researching her family.
My mother, Ethel, introduced me to family history by sharing some of the many items she had collected, many of which came from her mother, Alice.  This included pictures of many family members and, most important, a document which named the villages and countries where her grandparents were born.  All of this information was a great help in constructig the story of the Faulring family.
Many thanks to my cousinsFaye Woods, Susan Heusinger and Sandra Salzler for help in preparing pages for their side of the Faulring family.
A special thanks goes to Malcolm Holt Meyer (1930-2009), and his son Holt Vincent Meyer.  The elder Holt, along with his son and their family, traveled to the Coburg area where they engaged a Archivist to search church records for births, deaths and marriages of members of the Faulring family.  This information was key to obtaining pictures of the records on our subsequent visit to St.Laurentiuskirke in Meeder.
Many thanks to Rev. Steffen Lübke, former pastor of Laurentiuskirke, who allowed us to view and photograph the Faulring family entires Church records.
Thanks to Susan Faulring for help in identifying a pictuture of her father-in-law's Garage Buisness and telling it's story.
Professional Archivist Rainer Wachsmann searched chruch records and extended the early history of the Faulring family, including dramatic events, which affected the family.
The Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah and Family Hisotry Center, Columbia, Missoui.
The Erie County Clerk's Office, Buffalo, New York.
The Erie County Surrgate Court Office, Buffalo, New York.