The Family of Johann Friedrich Faulring and Anna Margaretha Zapf

Our Immigrant Ancestors

First Generation

Johann Friedrich Faulring and Anna Margaretha Zapf, our immigrant ancestors, came from the small village of Moggenbrunn, near Coburg, located in the north central region of modern Bavaria.  The family attended St. Laurentius Evangelical-Lutheran Church in nearby Meeder, where their eleven children were baptized.  Six of the children survived to adulthood and emigrated to America.

Friedrich and Anna's family consisted of:

Second Generation

i. Catharina Christiana Faulring Catharina Christiana was born on September 27, 18251, and she died on October 27, 18281.
ii. Johann Peter Faulring Peter was born on April 11, 18281 and died in 18698.  Peter married Rosa Foster.
iii. Margaretha Barbara Faulring Margaretha Barbara was born on February 21, 18301, and she died on December 15, 18371.
iv. Eva Dorothea Faulring Eva was born on May 20, 18311, and she died on February 10, 190178.  Eva married Johann Foyer.
v. Margaretha Elisabetha Faulring Elisabetha was born on March 3, 18331, and she died in 188678.  She married Johann Meyers.
vi. Anna Barbara Faulring Anna Barbara was born on April 20, 18351, and she died on April 26, 18351.
vii. Anna Barbara Faulring Barbara was born on May 10, 18361 and she died on March 24, 188151.  Barbara married Johann Ehman.
viii. Johann Caspar Faulring Caspar was born on January 27, 18391, and he died on March 19, 188613.  Caspar married Barbara Foerster.
ix. Anna Margaretha Faulring Anna Margaretha was born on May 2, 18411, and she died on July 18, 18421.
x. Johann Peter Faulring Johann Peter was born on October 26, 18431, and she died on November 1, 18431.
xi. Johann Albert Faulring Johann was born on May 6, 18451, and he died on May 6 190177.  Johann married (1) Mary Klein, (2) Laura ________, and (3) Amanda Passenger.


Johann Friedrich Faulring:

Baptism Record
Baptism Record of Johann Friedrich Faulring

Johann Friedrich Faulring was born on September 23, 18021, in Moggenbrunn, Saxony Coburg-Gotha, the only child of Johann Georg Faulring and Eva Dorothea Sühlfleisch.  Friedrich was baptized the next day1 at St. Laurentius in Meeder.  As was common at this time, he was given the first name of Johann, but he was probably known as Friedrich throughout his life.  It was also typical that Friedrich was named after his Godfather.

Marriage Record
Marriage Record of
Johnn Friedrich Faulring and Anna Margaretha Zapf

On April 19, 18251, Friedrich married Anna Margaretha Zapf at the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Meeder.  Their marriage record indicates they were married "in der Stille", that is, quietly.  The reason quickly becomes clear when we note that their first child was born about five months later.

After their marriage Friedrich and Anna Margaretha lived in Moggenbrunn where he was a day laborer, likely as a farm hand.  However, by the time his fourth child was born, Friedrich was described as a "Bauer", that is a peasant farmer working a small piece of land.  Interestingly, at the birth of his ninth child in 1841, Friedrich is listed as a soldier.  This was undoubtedly for a brief period, as he was typically described as a farmer until the family emigrated to America.

Friedrich and Anna Margaretha left for America with four of their children in November of 18535 and arrived in New York City on January 4, 1854, aboard the sailing ship Hershel out of Hamburg6.  From there, they traveled to Western New York, most likely by steam boat to Albany and from there by rail to Buffalo.  Friedrich and his family settled in the Town of Concord, Erie County, New York.  Two of the older children, Peter and Elizabeth, proceeded the them to America, and had settled in Concord.  They undoubtedly were there to greet them on arrival and to help them get settled.  Thus in January 1854, shortly after arriving, Friedrich purchased a farm of 151 acres on Emerling road in the Town of Concord at a cost of $2,2607.  Either he had substantial savings or he was assisted in this purchase by family members.  For more details on thier trip Their Journey to America

Friedrich lived the remainder of his life as a farmer.  In his will, executed April 5th, 18767, he gives equal shares to his children, or their heirs, while directing that his unmarried sons, Casper and John, should have use of his personal estate until November 1, 1887.  Friedrich died on December 28, 18804, and is buried in Faith Church (formerly St. Paul's Evangelical) Cemetery, Boston, New York.  

Anna Margaretha Zapf:

Anna Margaretha Zapf was born on October 26, 18043, in Crock, Kreis Hildburghausen, Thuringia, Germany, the daughter of Johann Jacob Zapf and Margaretha Barbara Beyersdorfer.  Both of Anna Margaretha's parents died while she was young3 and we do not know where she grew up.  The record of her marriage to Johann Friedrich Faulring, states that her late father was a resident of Crock, but does not indicate where she was living at the time of her marriage.  Perhaps she was staying with her maternal grandparents who lived near Moggenbrunn, which would increase her chances of meeting Johann Friedrich.

Naturally, Anna Margaretha accompanied her family to America and presumably was a farmer's wife and house keeper.  She died on February 9, 18764, and is buried in Faith Church (formerly St. Paul's Evangelical) Cemetery, Boston, New York.

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