The Ancestors of Anna Margaretha Zapf

The Family of Nicolaus Zapf and Susanna Dorothea Kirchner

The earliest confirmed ancestor of Anna Margaretha Zapf is Nicolaus Zapf.  The record of his marriage states he is the son of Nicol Zapf, from Oberlauter3,79, however, a record of his birth has not been found.  According to the record of his death3,79, Nicolaus was born in March of 1698.  In November 17213,79, Nicolaus married Susanna Dorothea Kirchner, the widow of Hans Dressel, who had been tenant farmer in Beiersdorf.  Suanna was born Dec. 10, 168560,79, in Sachsendorf, Thuringia, the daughter of Hans Kirchner.  It's interesting to note that Susanna was considerably older than Nicolaus.

Susanna Dorothea died on December 26, 1756, at the age of 71 years, from the effects of a tumor3,79.  Then Nicolaus died July 26, 17643,79, under very unusual circumstances.  The church records describe the funeral of five parishioners, including Nicolaus, who were killed when lightning struck the church3,79.  In addition, nineteen other parishioner were injured by the lightning strike.

Nicolaus and Susanna lived in Crock, Thuringia, where he was a flax weaver and where they raised their only known child:

i. Johann Nicol Zapf Johann Nicol was baptized on November 5, 1725 3,79.  He married Christina Elisabetha Gottwald.

The Family of Johann Nicol Zapf and Christina Elisabetha Gottwald

Johann Nicol Zapf [Nicolaus] was baptized at Crock on November 5, 17253,79, the son of Nicolaus Zapf and Susanna Dorothea Kirchner.  On November 16, 17523,79, he married Christina Elisabetha Gottwald.  The marriage record states he was Master of the exceptional weaver trade (Mstr. des löblichen Weber Handwerks 3,79.  The family continued to live in Crock, where they had a family of three children.

Johann Nicholaus died at Crock on November 27, 17903,79, and Christina Elisabetha died there on December 21, 17923,79.

The children of Johann Nicolaus and Christina Elisabetha are:

i. Sophia Dorothea Zapf Sophia Dorothea was baptized on April 29, 17553,79, and she died on September 11, 17583,79, of smallpox.
ii. Johann Erhardt Zapf Johann Erhardt was baptized on January 14, 17623,79, and he died on February 25, 17633,79, of smallpox.
iii. Johann Jacob Zapf Johann Jacob was baptized on March 13, 17643,79, and he died on January 26, 18033,79.  He married Margaretha Barbara Beyersdorfer.

The Family of Johann Jacob Zapf and Margaretha Barbara Beyersdorfer

Johann Jacob Zapf was baptized at Crock on March 13, 17643,79, the only living child of Johann Nicolaus Zapf and Cristina Elisabetha Gottwald.  On January 9, 17863,79, he married Margaretha Barbara Beyersdorfer, daughter of Johann Georg Beyersdorfer and Anna Barbara Kupffer, who were residents of Heyd, Kreis Coburg, Bavaria.  Margaretha Barbara was baptized June 23, 1761, at the church in Rottenbach61,79

Jacob and Margaretha Zapf settled in Crock were he continued the family tradition as a weaver.  They had a family of seven children.  Johann Jacob Zapf died at Crock on January 26, 18093,79, from dropsy after a long illness.  Margaretha Barbara Zapf died on June 12, 18143,79.

The children of Johann Jacob and Margaretha Barbara are:

i. Johann Nicolaus Zapf Johann Nicolaus was born on March 31, 17863,79.
ii. Johann Michael Zapf Johann Michael was born on October 24, 17883,79, and he died on April 24, 18693,79.  Michael married Catharina Barbara Geyer.
iii. Johann Zapf Johann was born on November 23, 17903,79.
iv. Johann Peter Zapf Johann Peter was born on July 13, 17933,79.
v. Margaretha Barbara Zapf Margaretha Barbara was born on August 29, 17973,79, and she died on July 16, 18163,79, from consumption.
vi. Johann Caspar Zapf Johann Casper was born on October 30, 17993,79.
vii. Anna Margaretha Zapf Anna Margaretha was born on October 26, 18043,79, and she died on February 9, 18764.  Anna Margaretha married Johann Friedrich Faulring.

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