The Family of Daniel Needham and Thankful Corliss

Daniel Needham was born on September 10, 1743, the son of Anthony Needham and Mary Moulton29.  On August 2, 1765, Daniel married Thankful Corliss, the daughter of Timothy Corliss and Rose Morgan29.  Note that their first child was born in December 1764.  Daniel and Thankful initially lived in South Brimfield.  However, in 1783 they moved to Stafford, Connecticut29.  Gardner relates that Daniel "died in this Town of an unforewarned attack of disease while heere to make a brief visit among his friends"29.

Daniel and Thankful had the following children:

i. Lydia Needham Lydia was born on December 30, 176429, and she died on January 23 185029.  Lydia married Aaron Green.
ii. Patty Needham Patty was born on August 10, 177629.  She married Daniel Sweet29.
iii. Lodisa Needham Lodisa was born on September 18, 1779 29.
iv. Samuel Needham Samuel was born on October 24, 178129.

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