The Ancestors of Lodisa Green

The Family of Thomas Green and Mary Newberry

Thomas Green, the earliest known member of this family, was a husbandman and lived in Salem, Massachusetts.  Thomas married Mary Newberry on November 16, 167131, at Salem.  Thomas died in 1705 and was survived by his wife.

Thomas and Mary had the following children:

i. Joseph Green
ii. John Green John was born on November 22, 167631.
iii. Benjamin Green Benjamin was born on August 22, 167831.
iv. Mary Green Mary was born on September 22, 168131.
v. Thomas Green Thomas was born on April 2, 168431.  He maried Martha Moulton.
vi. Martha Green Martha was on February 29, 168731.
vii. Sarah Green Sarah was born on February 13, 169031.

The Family of Thomas Green and Martha Moulton

Thomas Green was born at Salem, Massachusetts, on April2, 1684, the fifth child of Thomas Green and Mary Newberry.  On January 12, 1710/1, he married Martha Moulton, daughter of Robert Moulton and Mary _____ of Salem.  The Robert Greene genealogy styles Thomas Green as Dr., suggesting he was a physician.  Gardner, in his History of Wales, Massachusetts, states that Thomas "was amongst the primeval settlers of Brimfield."  Gardner goes on to say that Thomas owned land in South Brimfield, which he gave to his son Thomas in 1737, but Gardner did not know whether Thomas, Sr. actually lived there.  The Vital Records of Brimfield list the death of Martha Green, wife of Thomas, on November18, 173527.

Thomas and Martha had the following children:

i. Thomas Green Thomas married Elizabeth Green.
ii. Robert Green
iii. Benjamin Green .
iv. Mary Green

The Family of Thomas Green and Elizabeth Green

Thomas Green, the oldest son of Thomas Green and Martha Moulton, took up residence in the area South Brimfield shortly after receiving land from his father in 1737.  On March 29, 1744, he married Elizabeth Green of Stafford, Connecticut27,29.  Nothing is known of the ancestry of Elizabeth or her possible relationship to her husband.  Thomas and Elizabeth lived in South Brimfield for the remainder of their lives.

Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:

i. Daniel Green Daniel was born on October 8, 174429, and he died on November 1, 182429.  Daniel married Rebecca Bond.
ii. Mary Green Mary was born on March 8, 174729.
iii. Phebe Green Phebe was born on November 15, 175129.
iv. Elizabeth Green Elizabeth was born on April 15, 175329.
v. Aaron Green Aaron was born in 175629 .  He married (1)Elizabeth Weber and (2) Lydia Needham.

The Family of Aaron Green and Lydia Needham

Aaron Green, the youngest child of Thomas and Elizabeth Green, was born at South Brimfield, Massachusetts, in 175629.  He married first to Elizabeth Weber on February15, 177929.  She died within the next few years and he then married Lydia Needham on July 8, 1784, the daughter of Daniel Needham and Thankful Corliss27,29.  All of Aaron's children were from this second marriage.  Aaron was a soldier in the Revolution, enlisting first on May 15, 1775.  That fall he served for about two months in Roxbury, near Boston.  However, he apparently was not at Bunker Hill as suggested by family records.  He later served in the Northern army and was present at the surrender of Burgoyne.

Gardner's notes give interesting insights into the lives of Aaron and Lydia.  In one note he says of Aaron, "The locality of his homestead was upon the road to Union, Ct., a mile and a half from the Central Village.  With appropriateness, we call his old premises the 'Aaron Green Place.'  He was a Revolutionist.  He was rather witty, inclined to jokery, and in some measure to liquoring."29.  Aaron died at Wales, Massachusetts, July 28, 183029.

After Aaron's death Lydia had a difficult life.  According to Gardner, "Her son Daniel N. flatteringly induced her to give him her pittance of widowhood estate, pledging her life support, therefore kept her a few years then ungratefully threw her upon the Town thus pauperizing her."29  In 1838, Lydia applied for a widow's pension based on her husband's service in the Revolution30.  Her pension was finally granted in 1848 and she spent much of her later years living with her youngest child Julia Young.  Julia herself had a sad life, having, according to Gardner, "married a drunkard whom she eventually left."29  An 1889 letter in the pension file shows Julia living at Alma City, Minnesota, still in need30.  Lydia Green died at Wales, Massachusetts, January 23, 1850, age 8529.

Aaron and Lydia had the following children:

i. Betsy Green Betsy was born on December 30, 178429.  She married J. Scarborough29.
ii. Pamella Green Pamella was born on December 21, 178629.
iii. Aaron Green Aaron was born on September 5, 178829.
iv. Lodisa Green Lodisa was born on February 26, 179129, and she died on August 17, 187532.  Lodisa married Oliver Needham.
v. Huldah Green Huldah was born on June 9, 179329.
vi. Daniel N. Green Daniel was born on June 20, 180029.
vii. Sophia R. Green Sophia was born on June 15, 180529.  She married J. Hines29.
viii. Julia W. Green Julia was born on December 1, 180729.  She married R. Young29.

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