The Ancestors of Alexander Hale

The starting point for our Hale ancestors is the Hale Family Tree, which lists the descendants of Isaac Hale.  In addition it provides the names of Isaac's parents and the date and State of their birth.  This key information led to the identification of the immigrant ancestors of Simeon Hale and Elizabeth Allen, which are described here.  Essentially all of the information on the early members of the Hale Family comes from one souce, number 87, which gives a well documented History of the family.

It is impotant to emphazie that this Hale lineage hinges on establishing the marriage of the particular Simeon Hale and Elizabeth Allen, who are described below.  Their marriage is a plausable choice and very likely correct.  However, it is not proven; their marriage record has not yet been found.

The Family of Thomas Hale, Sr. and Jane Lord
Our Immigrant Ancestors

Thomas Hale was born in England and came to Massachusetts sometime in the 1630s.  He initially settled in Roxbury, where he was made a freeman of Massachusets Bay, on May 14, 163487.  By 1835 he had moved to Hartford, Connecticut, where he was one of the original proprietors.  Thomas, along with his brother Samuel, were soldiers in the Pequot War, which broke out in 183787.

Shortly after the Pequot War, Thomas returned to Roxbury where he married Jane Lord, in February 1649/4087.  They settled in Hartford, Connecticut, where their child was baptized on January 19, 1650/1.  Not long after the birth of their son, Thomas and Jane moved to Norfolk, Connecticut, probably in 1651 with the first settlers87.  At sometime before 1659, Jane died, probably at Norfolk87.

The child of Thomas and Jane is:

i. Thomas Hale Thomas was baptized on January 19, 1650/5187, and he died on April 22, 172587.  Thomas married (1) Priscilla Markham and (2) Sarah Patch.

On December 14, 1659, Thomas married a second time to Mary Nash, the daughter of William and Mary Nash of Charlestown, Connecticut87.  It is not clear where Thomas and Mary initially settled, but by 1665, when their first child was born, they were living in Charlestown87.  They lived there until 1674, the year Mary Nash died, and returned to Norwalk the same year87.  Thomas apparently died at Norwalk in early 1878/987.  Mary moved back to Charlestown where she died in the late 1690s87.

The children of Thomas and Mary are:

ii. John Hale John was baptized on April 23, 166587.
iii. Mary Hale Mary married Elias Brigden.

The Family of Thomas Hale, Jr. and Priscilla Markham

Thomas Hale, Jr. was baptized on January 19, 1650/5187, at Hartford, Connecticut, the son of Thomas Hale, Sr. and Jane Lord87.  On November 18, 1675, he married Priscilla Markham87.  Priscilla was born in 1654, the daughter of William Markham and Priscilla Graves87.  Thomas and Priscilla began life together at Hartford, Connecticut, where their first child was born, but they soon moved to Hadley, Massachusetts, about 45 miles north of Hartford, along the Connecticut river valley87.  Most of their children were born at Hadley.

The children of Thomas and Priscilla are:

i. Martha Hale Martha was born on October 10, 167687, and she died on October 20, 171487.  Martha married David Burt.
ii. Thomas Hale Thomas was born on October 8, 167887, and he died on July 14, 176087.  Thomas married Mary Miller.
iii. John Hale John was born on November 26, 168087, and he died on May 24, 175387.  John married (1) Abigail Gleason and (2) Susannah Risley.
iv. Samuel Hale Samuel was born on July 2, 168387, and he died on August 6, 168987.
v. Priscilla Hale Priscilla was born on September 9, 168587, and she died on February 4, 176687.  Priscilla married John Miller.
vi. William Hale William was born on February 18, 168787, and he died before 175987.  William married (1) Mary Colt and (2) Mary Barker.
vii. a son born and died January 19, 1789.
viii. Joseph Hale Joseph was born in March 169187, and he died in 177387.  Joseph married Phebe Warriner.
ix. Samuel Hale Samuel was born on September 22, 169887, and he died on January 19, 177487.  Samuel married Mary Allen.

After living in Hadley for about 20 years, Thomas and Priscilla moved to Enfield, Connecticut, a town just north of Hartford, where their last child was born87.  Priscilla died at Enfield on April 15, 171287.

The Family of William Hale

William Hale was born on February 18, 1687, at Hadley Massachusetts, the son of Thomas Hale and Priscilla Markham87.  He was a weaver by trade.  William first married Mary Colt87.  Mary was born on January 17, 1696, at Glastonbury, Connecticut, the daughter of Abraham Colt and Hannah Loomis and widow of Ebenezer Keeney87.

William and Mary initially settled at Enfield, Connecticut, where there first three children were born87.  They later moved to the neighboring town of Gastonbury were their remaining children were born87.  Mary died on August 19, 1734 at Glastonbury87.

The children on William and Mary are:

i. William Hale William was born on May 5, 172487, and he died on August 31, 180787.  William married Hannah Brewer.
ii. Abraham Hale Abraham was born on March 10, 172782, and he died in 181287.  Abraham married Martha Smith.
iii. Jonathan Hale Jonathan was born on July 4, 172982, and he died on January 21, 181282.  Jonathan married (1) Thankful _____ and (2) Hannah _____.
iv. Hannah Hale Hannah was born in December 173187, and she died on October 22, 178487.  Hannah married Christopher Terry.
v. Mary Hale Mary was born in October 173387, and she died on March 11, 180987.  Mary married Joseph Booth.

Following the death of his first wife, William married Mary Barker on December 15, 173887.  Mary was born on June 3, 169487, the daughter of Samual Bedortha and Mary Remington and the widow of Oliver Barker.  William died before 1759, at Enfield.

The Family of Jonathan Hale and Thankful _____

birth record

Jonathan Hale's Birth Records
July 4, 1729
Page 37
Town Records - Enfield, Connecticut

Jonathan Hale was born at Enfield, Connecticut, on July 4, 172982, the son of William Hale and Mary Colt.  About 1855, Jonathan married Thankful _____87.  Jonathan Hale died on January 21, 181282.

The children of Jonathan and Thankful are:

i. Jonathan Hale Jonathan was born on April 27, 175682.  He married Mary Kent about 177687.
ii. Thankful Hale Thankful was born on July 2, 175882.
iii. Olive Hale Olive was born on June 7, 186182.
iv. Simeon Hale Simeon was born on September 6, 176582 and he died on May 24, 185066.  Simeon married Elizabeth Allen.

After the death of his first wife, Jonathan married Hannah _____87.  Jonathan died on January 21, 181287.

The child of Jonathan and Hannah is:

v. Hannah Hale Hannah was born on Decemeber 1, 177087.

The Family of Simeon Hale and Elizabeth Allen

birth record

Simeon Hale's Birth Records
September 6, 1765
Page 176
Town Records - Enfield, Connecticut

Simeon Hale was born on September 6, 176582, at Enfield, Hartford County, Connecticut, the son of Jonathan Hale and Thankful.  Sometime before 1787, Simeon married Elizabeth Allen, who lived in from the neighboring town of Suffield66.  Elizabeth was born on May 11, 1765, the daughter of Caleb Allen and Elizabeth Rising83.

The marriage of Simeon and Elizabeth carries some uncertainty, which must be adressed.  There is no documentation of their marriage; they are listed on Hale Family Tree, which only gives their names and place of birth.  Marriage records are often hard to find and may well be lost.  Further, the birthdates given above are different than those on Hale Family Tree.  The difference, however, is small and that of Elizabeth differs by exactly one year.  With the close birth dates and the fact they came from neighboring Towns in Connecticut, it is highly likely they are the ancestors of Alexander Hale.  Still, this connection is not fully proven.

Simeon and Elizabeth moved to Schoharie County, New York, proabably shortly after their marriage and it is likely their children where born there.  Elizabeth died on December 28, 180766, undoubtedly in Schoharie.  After a few years Simeon was unable to properly care for the children and split up the family.  The three older chldren where old enough to take care of themselves and the four younger children were accomodated by other families81.  It is not clear what happened to Simeon after this.  Simeon died May 24, 185066.  Markers for both Simeon and Elizabeth exist in the North Collins Quarker Meeting House Cemetery, but it is not known whether either is actually buried there.

The children of Simeon and Elizabeth are:

i. Caleb Hale Caleb was born on November 2, 178766.
ii. Horace Hale Horace was born on May 9, 178966.
iii. Elizabeth Hale Elizabeth was born on July 18, 179166.
iv. Simeon Hale Simeon was born on December 15, 179666.
v. Anne Hale Anne was born on December 6, 179866.
vi. Thankful Hale Thankful was born on July 30, 180166.
vii. Isaac Hale Isaac was born on October 16, 190366, and he died on July 29, 188266.  Isaac married Phoebe Pratt.
viii. Lydia Hale Lydia was born on January 2, 180566.

The Family of Isaac Hale and Phoebe Pratt

Isaac Hale was born October 16, 1803, at Schoharie, New York66, the son of Simeon Hale and Elizabeth Allen.  In his personal statement81, included in the History of the Original Town of Concord, Isaac explained his early life.  When he was three years old, his mother died and his father split up the family.  For two years Isaac went "from place to place" and "then went to live with a man by the name of Lamb81".

At age nine, Isaac was "bound out to John Lawton until he was twenty-one years old".  When he reached twenty-one years, he was to receive "a horse, saddle and bridle, to a worth of sixty-six dollars, two suits of clothes and a certain amount of schooling"81.  In October 1815, John Lawton along with Isaac moved to Collins, New York.  He continued to work for Lawton, helping with the building and running of a saw mill81.  When he was twenty-one, he decided he didn't want a horse, and received a yoke of steers and a yearling heifer instead81.

On September 4, 1827, Isaac married Phoebe Pratt81.  Phoebe was born in Ontario County, New York, on August 21, 1807, the daughter of Elijah Pratt and Beulah Lapham66.  Elijah and Beulah had moved to Collins in the 1820s.  Isaac purchased a fifty acre farm in 1827, in the section Collins that would become North Collins in 1852, and he and Phoebe settled there59.  Over the next several years Isaac bought and sold several pieces of property, while remaining a farmer throughout his life59.

Phoebe died on August 21, 187466,81, after which Isaac lived with one of his children.  He died on July 29, 188266,81.

The children of Isaac and Phoebe are:

i. Elizabeth Hale Elizabeth was born on July 21, 182866, and she died on October 21, 188966.  Elizabeth married Edward W. Stancliff.
ii. Alexander Hale Alexander was born on January 22, 183366, and he died on October 10, 189266.  Alexander married Neuel Margaret Kimball.
iii. Davis Pratt Hale David was born on January 21, 183666, and he died on November 5, 191166.  David married Marcia Phebe Potter.
iv. Eunice L. Hale Eunice was born on June 26, 184466, and she died in 186666.  Eunice married Hosea Evans Potter.

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