Family of Nicholas May and Jessie Needham

Ninth Generation

Nicholas and Jessie

Nichols and Jessie May

Alice and Siblings
Jessie (center) with sister Alice
and brother Mason

Jessie Needham was born on July 6, 1882, the daughter of Warren Needham and Alice Hale14.  Jessie grew up on the family farm in Boston, New York.  In 1905, she was still living with her parents and doing house work, probably working out to earn money43.  On August 11, 1909, Jessie married Nicholas May, at Buffalo, New York.  Nicholas was born on March 1, 1890, the son of Jacob May and Mary Braunshidle.

Initially, Nicholas and Jessie lived on the farm of Jessie's father, with Nicholas working as a farmhand46.  In 1914, Nichols and Jessie puchased some land59, probably from her father, since the 1920 U.S. Census shows them living next to each other60.  Nicholas and Jessie contined to live on this farm for the remainder of their lives, raising a family of six children.  Jessie died on November 10, 196214, and Nicholas died on May 24, 197614,35.

The children of Nicholas and Jessie are:

Tenth Generation

i. Kathryn Lillian May Kathryn was born on December 11, 190914, and she died on January 26, 200114.  Kathryn remained single.
ii. Earl Needham May Earl was born on June 24, 191214, and he died on November 23, 199614.  Earl married Rose Clauss on August 26, 193914.  Rose was born on January 13, 191814, and she died on February 5, 200114.  Earl and Rose had two dhildren.
iii. David William May David was born on January 21, 191514, and he died on August 21, 196814.  David married (1) Kathryn Owen in August 193814, and (2) Eleanor Unverdorf on April 12, 195414.
iv. Florence Alice May Florence married Roy Drankhan.  Roy was born on July 14, 191635, and he died on September 11, 195035.  Roy and Florence had one child.
v. Edith Mary May Edith was born on February 16, 192014, and she died on October 31, 200914.  Edith married Oscar Edward Neumann on June 15, 194614.  Oscar was born on July 5, 191014, and he died on July 5 200014.  Oscar and Edith had two children.
v. Gladys Eunice May Gladys was born on January 6, 192514, and she died on Junce 4 200514.  Gladys married Robert Hipp14.  Robert and Gladys had two cildren

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