The Ancestors of Alanson Martin

Arrival of the Martin family in New England was related to the religious dissension of the period.  In 1662, Elder John Myles of the first Baptist Church of Swansea, Wales left with many of his followers as a result of religious contention.  Rev. Myles and his followers settled in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, and founded the first Baptist Church in Plymouth Colony.  Again difficulty with the authorities arose ending in a compact which established the Town of Swansea, Massachusetts, where John Myles and the church members relocated.  John Martin was one of the charter members of Rev. Myles' church and family tradition says that John and his father Richard came to New England with Rev. Myles from Swansea, Wales68.

The Family of Richard Martin

Our immigrant ancestor, Richard Martin arrived in New England about 1662, as described above, and in reference 68.  The latter gives most of the details on early history of the Martin family.  Richard settled in Rehoboth, Massachusetts along with Rev. Myles and, in 1689, was appointed Surveyor of Highways for Rehoboth69.  Richard died there on March 2, 169469.

The known childern of Richard, which were named in his will69, are:

i. John Martin John married Johanna Esten68,70.
ii. Francis Martin
iii. Richard Martin
iv. Annie Martin
v. Elanor Martin

The Family of John Martin and Johanna Esten

John Martin was born about 1633, probably in Wales, and came to New England with his father68,70.  On Apr. 26, 1671, John married Johanna Esten and they settled in Swansea68,70.  In addition to farming, John was trained as a weaver68.  John died at Swansea March 21, 171468, at the age of 80 and Johanna died there March, 23, 173468.

The children of John and Johanna are:

. .
i. Jemina Martin Jemina was born on May 29, 167268,70.  She married Samuel Salsbury68.
ii. Melatiah Martin Melatiah was born on August 31, 167368,70.  He married Rebeckah Brooks68,70.
iii. John Martin John was born on March 15, 167468,70.  He married (1) Marcy Hayward and (2) Marcy Thurber.
iv. Ephraim Martin Ephraim was born on February 7, 167668,70.  He married Thankful Bullock68.
v. Ann Martin Ann married Richard Round68.
v. Manassah Martin Manassah was born on February 2, 168168,70.  He married Deborah Cole70.
vi. Johanna Martin Johanna was born on February 15, 168268,70.  She married Philip Short68
vii. Ebenezer Martin Ebenezer was born on February16 168468,70.  He married Abigail Wheeler68,70.
viii. Judith Martin Judith wa born on November 13, 168668,70.  She married John Luther68

The Family of John Martin, Jr.

John Martin, Jr. was born at Swansea, Massachusetts, on March 15, 167468,70.  On October 11, 170168, he married Marcy Hayward, daughter of William Hayward.  John and Marcy settled Rehoboth, Massachusetts, where their children were born.  Marcy died nine years later on October 11, 171068.

The children of John and Marcy(1) are:

i. Sarah Martin Sarah married Caleb Boomer68.
ii. Hannah Martin Hannah married Thomas Lewis68.
iii. Joanna Martin Joanna married Joseph Barney68.
iv. John Martin John was born on June 26, 170968.  He married Mary Andrus68.
v. Marcy Martin Marcy married Squire Bullock68.

In 1713, after the death of his first wife, John married a second time to Marcy Thurber, the widow of Richard Thurber68.  John continued to live in Rehoboth until 1728, when he moved to Swansea68.  John died there on November 3, 175768.

The children of John and Marcy(2) are:

i. Barbery Martin Barbery was born on March 13, 171368.  She married Obediah Bowen68.
ii. Mary Martin Mary was born on March 17 171568.  She married Hezekiah Horton68.
iii. Hezekiah Martin Hezekiah Hezekiah was born on September 7, 171968.  He married (1) Hannah Andrus and (2) Huldah Luther68.
iv. Elizabeth Martin Elizabeth was born on October 1, 172268.  She married William Seamans68.
v. Ann Martin Ann was born on March 22, 172568.
v. Jemina Martin Jemina married Valentine Bowen68.
vi. Benjamin Martin Benjamin was born on July 5, 173468, and he died on June 23, 181468.  Benjamin married Sarah Kingsley68.

The Family of Benajmin Martin and Sarah Kingsley

Benjamin Martin was born on July 5, 1734, at Swansea, Massachusetts68.  On January 6, 1750, he married Sarah Kingsley, also of Swansea, and they settled on his father's farm in Swansea68.  Benjamin served as a private in the Revolutionary War, being called to duty several times between 1776 and 178068.  His wife, Sarah, died March 11, 180468, and Benjamin died June 23, 181468, having lived their entire lives at Swansea.

The children of Benjamon and Sarah are:

i. Marcy Martin Marcy was born on May 15, 175068.  She married Joseph Sanford68.
ii. Gideon Martin Gideon was born on January 14, 175368.  He married Jerusha Spragne68.
iii. Simeon Martin Simeon was born on April 18, 175568.  He married _____ Mason68.
iv. James Martin James was born on May 27, 175768.  He married Hannah Chase68.
v. Thomas Martin Thomas was born on November 15, 175968.  He married Hannah Short68.
vi. Benjamin Martin Benajmin was born on March 10, 176268.  He married Sarah Lewis68.
vii. Holden Martin Holden was born on April 5, 176568.  He married Sarah Cole68.
viii. Kingsley Martin Kingsley was born on August 6, 176768, and he died on November 30, 185168.  Kingsley married Prudence Mason68.

The Family of Kingsley Martin and Prudence Mason

Kingsley Martin was born on August 6, 1767, at Swansea (now Barrington, Rhode Island) where he apparently grew up68.  On December 22, 1787, he was married to Prudence Mason at Lanesborough, Massachusetts, by Elder Nathan Mason13,71.  Prudence was born on July 26, 177070, at Swansea, the daughter of Jesse Mason and Lois Mason.  The Mason family had moved to Lanesborough by November, 1773, when Jesse bought 5 acres of land74.

Kingsley and Prudence settled in Fort Ann, Washington County, New York, where Kingsley purchased land in July of 178872.  Washington County is on the eastern border of New York and abuts Berkshire County on the western border of Massachusetts.  At Fort Ann, Kingsley and Prudence began a life of farming which lasted over 50 years.  In 1830, they sold land to their son, Reuben72, presumable when he started farming, and in 1833 they purchased land from their son, Alanson72, who had moved to the Town of Concord in Erie County, New York.

Then in 1839, Kingsley and Prudence deeded their remaining property to Reuben, with the provision of a Life Estate, would allow them to reside their for the remainder of their lives72.  By 184072, however, Kingsley and Prudence were living in the Town of Concord, with son, Alanson73.  Shortly thereafter, they revoked the Life Estate72.  In 1850, Kingsley and Prudence were in Eden, New York, still living with their son Alanson and his family75.

Kingsley Martin died on November 22, 185113, and Prudence died suun after on November 30, 185113.

The children of Kingsley and Prudence are:

i. Lois Martin Lois was born on June 11, 178913, and she died on November 6, 185613.
ii. Lovisa Martin Lovisa was born on January 12, 179113.
iii. Darius Martin Darius was born on August 23, 179213, and he died on November 15, 186813.
iv. Prudence Martin Prudence was born on April 17, 179413, and she died on October 28, 187013.
v. Sally Martin Sally was born on May 16, 179613, and she died on July 25, 187113.
vi. Clarissa Martin Clarissa was born on January 23, 179813, and she died on September 19, 189813.
vii. Laura Martin Laura was born on January 23, 179813.
viii. Alanson Martin Alanson was born on February 24, 180013, and he died on April 25, 187713.  Alanson married Rebecca Polley.
ix. Kingsley Martin Kingsley was born July 14, 180313, and he died on August 8, 187313.
x. Isaac Martin Isaac was born on June 20, 180513, and he died on March 20, 188513.
xi. Minerva Martin Minerva was born on July 27, 180813, and she died on June 15, 189813.
xii. Parley Martin Parley was born on May 31, 181013, and he died on July 5, 190113.
xii. Reuben Martin Reuben was born on October 20, 181113, and he died on May 31, 188513.

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