The Family of Alanson Martin and Rebecca Polley

Alanson and Rebecca Martin

Alanson and Rebecca Martin

Alanson Martin was born February 24, 1800, at Westfield, New York (renamed Fort Ann in 1808), the son of Kingsley Martin and Prudence Mason13,14.  On August 28, 1823, he married Rebecca B. Polley at Whitehall, New York13,14.  Rebecca was born on January 8, 180414, at Whitehall, the daughter of Jonathan Polley and Rachael Hubbard76,77.

Alanson and Rebecca initially settled Fort Ann and were still living there in 183078.  There is no indication that Alanson owned land, suggesting that he worked as a farm laborer, perhaps on his father's farm.  In the early 1830s, Alanson and his family moved to Concord, Erie County, New York, where he purchased 100 acres of land in December of 183359.  They continued to live in Concord until early 185059.  On April 1st of that year he purchased 90 addition acres in Concord59.  Then on April 11th of that same year, Alanson purchased 91 acres of land in the nearby Town of Eden, New York59.  The 1850 U.S.  Census shows Alanson and family as a resident of Eden, along with his parents75.  It is unclear what happened to the land in Concord.

In 1858, Alanson sold his farm and apparently moved to Eden center, where he took up the occupation of Carpenter and Joiner79,80.  He continued this profession until his death on April 25, 187713.  After Alanson's death, Rebecca apparently lived with her daughter, Purdence, in Java, New York.  She died there on September 25, 188513.

The children of Alanson and Rebecca are:

i. Hester Ann Martin Hester was born on June 16, 182413, and she died on November 3, 190313.  Hester married (1) Maldin Munson and (2) Manley W. Reeves.
ii. Eveline Glorvina Martin Eveline was born on December 13, 182513, and she died on April 10, 190813.  Eveline married Charles Needham.
iii. Edward A. Martin Edward was born on October 13, 182713, and he died on June 24, 189613.  Edward married Hannah ____.
iv. Prudence M. Martin Prudence was born on May 3, 182913, and she died on March 18, 183413.
v. Albert D. Martin Albert was born on March 14, 183213, and he died on July 12, 191613.  Albert married Eliza S. Bartoo.
vi. Sophia Martin Sophia was born on December 30, 183313, and she died on November 1 188113.  Sophia married John M. Munson.
vi. Prudence Martin Prudence was born on May 9, 183813, and she died on October 13 190413.  Prudence married (1) John Morris March and (2) Charles Rice.

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