The Ancestors of Rebecca Polley

The Polley family is probably descended from George Polley who lived at Woburn, Massachusetts, where he married Elizabeth Winn in 1649, however, a direct connection has not been established.  George had several children and many grandchildren who might provide that connection.  The earliest known ancestor in the Polley line is Jonathan Polley who must have died shortly before 1776.  That year, Simeon Stow was made the guardian of "Jonathan Polley, son of Jonathan Polley, Deceased a Minor of the Town of Tolland aged about 15."

The Family of Jonathan Polley, Sr. and Prudence De Wolf

Jonathan Polley, earliest known member of this branch of the family, lived in Hebron and Tolland, Connecticut, and died at Tolland sometime prior to 1776.  He is mentioned in the court record appointing Simeon Stow as guardian of his son.  The vital records of this period contain two Jonathan Polleys who might be our ancestor.  First, the records of Norwich, Connecticut report the birth of Jonathan Polley, son of Mathew and Hannah on September 28, 1823, while the records of Medford, Massachusetts show a Jonathan Polley baptized Apr. 9, 1831, son of Jonathan and Lidia.  Either of these could be our Jonathan Polley.

Family records indicate that Jonathan married Prudence de Wolf who was the mother of his child.  Nothing is known of Prudence's origin.  After Jonathan's death, Prudence married Simeon Stow, this is presumably why he was appointed as guardian of her son.  Simeon and Prudence apparently moved from Tolland, Conn., through Massachusetts and Vermont until they settled in Washington county, New York.  Cemetery records show that Simeon Stow died Apr. 17, 1823, at the age of 86 years, 10 months and 1 day and that Prudence Stow died June 8, of the same year, age 80 years, 7 months and 14 days.

The child of Jonathan annd Prudence is:

i. Jonathan Polley, Jr. Jonathan was born

The Family of Jonathan Polley, Jr. and Rachael Hubbard

Jonathan Polley was born in Hebron, Connecticut, October 26, 1759, according to his application for a veterans pension.  In 1776, Jonathan was living in Tolland, Connecticut, with his mother and stepfather.  That year he enlisted in the revolutionary army for the first of several periods of service.  In 1777, Jonathan substituted for John Standly, and during this period participated in the Battle of Saratoga.  When he enlisted in 1778, Jonathan was living at Wilbraham, Massachusetts, and then in 1781, he was living at Westminster, Vermont.  Finally, in 1782, his military service over, Jonathan moved to White Hall in Washington county, New York.  Undoubtedly, these moves involved his entire family.

About 1785, Jonathan married Rachael Hubbard, and they continued to live at White Hall, where their children were born.  Rachael Polley died on May 23, 1821 and shortly thereafter, Jonathan moved with his family to nearby Fort Ann, New York.  On January 28, 1923, Jonathan married Mehitabel.  Jonathan died at Fort Ann on May 31, 1840.  He, along with his first wife, is buried in the old Kinner cemetery located halfway between Fort Ann and White Hall

The children of Jonathan and Rachael are:

i. Prudence Polley Prudence was born about 1790293.  She married Addison Stewart.
ii. Rachael Polley Rachel married Mr. Manning.
iii. Joseph H. Polley Joseph was born on December 28, 1795, and he died on January 21, 1888.  Joseph married Mary "Pollie" Bailey/b>.
iv. Benjamin Polley Benjamin was born on January 6, 1789.  He maried Elenor Huchinson.
v. Jonathan Polley Johnathan was born on April 20, 1800.  He maried Clarissa _____.
vi. Abner H.  Polley Abner was born on March 2, 1802.  He married Margaret _____.
vii. Rebecca Polley Rebecca was born on January 28, 1804, and she died on September 25, 1885.  Rebecca married Alanson Martin.
viii. Rosana Polley Rosana married John Kinner.
ix. Susan Polley .
vi. Emeline Polley Emeline was born on May 5, 1809.  she married Peter Kinner.

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