Descendants of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez

Julian Cabahug Family

Cayetana Sanchez and Ambrosio Cabahug
with the family of their son, Julian

Marriage Record
Marriage of Ambrosio and Cayetana

Ambrosio Cabahug was born June 5, 18699, the second child of Maximino Cabahug and Fausta Barte, and grew up in Maguikay, Mandaue, Cebu, where his mother had a store21.  On April 30, 19023, Ambrosio married Cayetana Sanchez in Mandaue.  Cayetana was born August 21 18619, the daughter of Zacarias Sanchez and Basilia Cortes.  Ambrosio and Cayetana settled in Mandaue, where their children were born and where he likely was involved in farming.

In 1927, Ambrosio and Cayetana, accompanied by several of their children, moved from Mandaue to Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur.  At the time, people from Cebu and other islands in the Visayas were pioneering newly opened land in Mindanao.  Their son, Hilario and Cayetana's father, Zacarias had traveled to Mindanao the previous year, apparently to scout out the area and decide where to settle.  Ambrosio spent the rest of his years as a businessman/farmer in Aurora.  He died at Aurora on June 11, 196013, and Cayetana died there on August 14, 196313.

The children of Ambrosio and Cayetana are:

i. Escolastico Cabahug Escolastico was born on December 19, 190119, and he died on September 6, 193633.  He remained unmarried.
ii. Teofilo Cabahug Teofilo was born March 5, 19033, and died on November 26, 19453.  He married Geronima Seno.
iii. Hilario Cabahug Hilario was born on January 14, 19053, and died on September 26, 19649.  He married Leoncia Cortes.
iv. Arsenio Cabahug Arsenio was born on December 14, 19063, and died on November 29, 197722.  He married (1) Clara D. Rodriguez, (2) Eristine M. ______, and (3) Maria L. Soto.
v. Catalina Cabahug Catalina was born on November 25, 19083, and died on February 14, 19803.  She remained unmarried.
vi. Candelaria Cabahug Candelaria was born on February 2, 19103, and died on January 23, 197520.  She married Carlos Perez.
vii. Rosalia Cabahug Rosalia was born on September 4, 19123, and died on February 22, 199920.  She married Cesario Gonzaga.
viii. Simeon Cabahug Simeon was born on September 3, 19143, and he died on June 26, 19979.  He married Florencia Judilla.
ix. Julian Cabahug Julian was born on January 9, 19173, and died on June 24, 197620.  He married Dolores Tabacolde.
x. Florencio Cabahug Florencio was born in February 27, 19199, and died on November 12, 20029.  He married Leoncia Cabugwas.
xi. Flaviana Cabahug Flaviana was born on December 22, 19213, and died on November 9, 19383.

Prior to his marriage, Ambrosio had a relationship with Rita Marababol which resulted in a son.  Rita Marababol was apparently born about 1878 and died on September 9, 1904.

Rita's son was:

i. Lorenzo Marababol Lorenzo was born about 19013.  He married Claudia Sembrano.

It's interesting to note that Escolastico Cabahug, the first child of Ambrosio and Cayetana, was born prior to their marriage.

Escolastico Cabahug:

Escolastico Cabahug

Escolastico Cabahug was born on December 19, 190119, in Mandaue, Cebu, the oldest child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  As his birth date indicates, he was born a little more than four months prior to his parents' marriage.  Little is known of Escolastico's life until 1923.  In January of that year, he fathered a child with Ines Perez3.

On March 3, 1923, Escolastico applied for a passport to travel to the United States19.  The application shows he planned to leave from Manila on the President Pierce on April 7, 1923, that he intended to return to the Philippines within 10 years and that his occupation was as a Goldsmith.  His destination is not given.  A family member indicated that he when to Hawaii, perhaps to work on a sugar cane plantation.  In fact, Escolastico sailed on the April 27, 1923, aboard the Taiyo Maru.  His U.S. address on the passenger list is 305 So El Dorado, Stockton, California.  His purpose for going to California is not known.

Then as early as 1932, Escolastico was living in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The Honolulu City Directories for 1932- 1933 and 1933-1934 place him on 854 Iwilel Road and the 1935-1836, his is listed on 546 N. King.  In each case, Escolastico is listed as a Jeweler.  Escolastico never returned to the Philippines.  On September 6, 1936 Escolastico died by drowning, while swimming in Honolulu Harbor33.  He is buried in Diamond Head Memorial Park.

The child of Escolastico and Ines is:

i. Julita Perez "Lita", was born on January 27, 19233, and died on April 1, 20029 .  She married Gregorio Besabella on June 13, 19533.  Gregorio was born on November 20, 19163, the son of Alberto Besabella and Gespaula Gervasa.  He died on December 11, 19843.  Gregorio and Lita did not have any children.  However, they adopted one of Lita's cousins, Jesus, the son of Simeon Cabahug.

Teofilo Cabahug:

Teofilo Cabahug was born on March 5, 19033, in Mandaue, Cebu, the second child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  On July 3, 19243, he married Geronima Seno, the daughter of Mariano Seno and Teodora Solon.  Teofilo and Geronima lived in Mandaue, where Teofilo was a teacher in the public schools3.  After WWII, Teofilo worked as a mechanic and businessman3.

Teofilo died on November 26, 19453.  Shortly after his death, Geronima moved to Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, with her family and later moved to Davao City.  It was in Davao that she prepared the affidavit stating that the Filomeno lineage was part of the family of Benito Cabahug.  Teofilo and Geronima had nine children.

Hilario Cabahug:

Hilario Cabahug Family

Family of Hilario Cabahug - about 1947
The second child from the right in the front row is Grace Cabahug, Hilario's niece

Hilario Cabahug, known to family as Tio Ilario or Tio Alut, was born on January 14, 19053, in Mandaue, Cebu, the third child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  In 1926, Hilario accompanied his grandfather, Zacarias Sanchez to Mindanao, where they eventually settled in the Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur16.  It was around this time that Hilario married Leoncia Cortes.  Leoncia was born on January 13, 19063, in Mandaue, the daughter of Marcelo Cortes and Ines Sanchez.

Hilario and Leoncia lived in Aurora where he pursued the life of a farmer and where they raised a family of nine children.  In 1945, he was municipal Vice President of Aurora.  Hilario died in Aurora in September 26, 19659, and Leoncia died there on August 16, 198913.

Arsenio Cabahug:

Arsenio Cabahug

Arsenio Cabahug was born on December 14, 19063, in Mandaue, Cebu, the fourth child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  Arsenio grew up in Mandaue where he received his schooling.  In 1928, Arsenio left home and emigrated to America.  He arrived at the port of Wilmington, California, now part of Los Angeles, on April 7, 1928, on the S.S.Calawaii, having left Honolulu, Hawaii, on March 31, 192827.  It's tempting to imagine that Arsenio visited his brother, Escolastico, when he passed through Hawaii.

Arsenio lived in California, where he worked as a farm laborer.  Sometime in the 1930's, he married Clara D. Rodriguez, his first wife.  In 1940, Arsenio and Clara were living in Clarksburg, Yolo County, California, which is located just northeast of San Francisco28.  At the time he was working as a laborer on a ranch.  He had worked 31 weeks in 1939 and had an income of $30028.  The 1940 U.S. Census also shows that, in 1935, Arsenio and Clara had lived in rural Santa Cruz County, which is located south of San Francisco.  Apparently, being a farm laborer, Arsenio moved frequently to find work.  Clara died on January 20, 195722, in San Diego County.  Arsenio and Clara had no children.

A few years after Clara's death, Arsenio returned to Mandaue, with the intent of having a child.  He reached his goal, fathering a girl named Clara with Lily Espinosa.  Clara carried her father's name, although she was raised by her mother in the Philippines, where she later married.

Sometime after his daughter's birth, Arsenio returned to America, where he married Ernestine M. _______.  Ernestine was born on June 22, 1908, in Arizona22.  Shortly after their marriage, Arsenio and Ernestine adopted a girl name Rosa.  The family continued to live in San Diego County, where Ernestine died on March 17, 197422.

On April 16, 1975, Arsenio married a third time to Maria L. Soto.  Then on November 29, 197729, Arsenio died of metastatic prostate cancer.  Curiously, his death certificate lists him as widowed29.

Catalina Cabahug:

Catalina Cabahug

Catalina Cabahug, known as Insi Talina, was born on November 25, 190816, in Mandaue, Cebu, the fifth child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  She apparently remained in Mandaue when her parents moved to Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur.  Catalina remained single throughout her life, however, she did have two daughters through a relationship with Roberto Perez16.  She lived a difficult life, making a living through whatever work she could find.

Catalina died on February 14, 19803, of cancer.

Candelaria Cabahug:

Candelaria Cabahug

Candelaria Cabahug was born on February 2, 19103, the sixth child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  On May 8, 1931, she married CarlosPerez.

For more information about Candelaria, see this Link

Rosalia Cabahug:

Rosalia Cabahug

Rosalia Cabahug, known as Inday Liang, was born on September, 4, 19123, in Mandaue, Cebu, the seventh child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  She grew up in Mandaue, Cebu, where she received her early education.  After graduating high school, Rosalia studied nursing at Velez College (now Cebu Institute of Medicine)20, to become a Registered Nurse.  She then completed her studies at Zamboanga City College, earning a BS in Nursing.  After completing her education, Rosalia was appointed Health Center Nurse in Bonifacio, Misamis Occidental20, a town about 30 miles from Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, over a winding mountain road.

It is in Bonifacio, that Rosalia met Napoleon Fernan, and they began a serious relationship, which resulted in a daughter20.  They were ready to marry, however, this was during WWII and they also wanted to be with their respective families.  In the end, they separated, Napoleon to his family in the Visayas and Rosalia to her family in Aurora20.  Rosalia became the only nurse at the Aurora Health Center.  As a Health Center Nurse she not only saw patients, but delivered many of the area babies, often riding on horseback into the surrounding mountains20.  Eventually, Rosalia opened a Pharmacy in Aurora.

On May 2, 19503, Rosalia married Cesario Gonzaga at Mandaue, Cebu.  'No Cesar was born in Mandaue on February 25, 19183, the son of Antonio Gonzaga and Valentina Perez.  At the time, he was the overseer of property in Aurora owned by Dr. Bonifacio Cabahug, Sr., a prominent member of the Cabahug family.  Cesar and Rosalia lived in Aurora and she continued her work as a nurse and pharmacist.  Late in life, they relocated to Mandaue, where Rosalia died on February 22, 199920, and Cesario died on December 25, 201520.  They had no children.

Simeon Cabahug:

Members of Simeon Cabahug's Family

Members of Simeon Cabahug's Family - about 1965

Simeon Cabahug

Simeon Cabahug, known to family as Tio Iyog, was born on September 3, 19143, in Mandaue, Cebu, the eighth child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  He likely moved to Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, with his family in the late 1920's.

On January 7, 1937, Simeon married Florencia Judilla.  Florencia was born on November 27, 19149, the daughter of Cipriano Judilla and Agustina Flores, in Mandaue.  Simeon and Florencia settled in Aurora, where they raised a family of nine children.  Over the years, Simeon's occupation is given as Businessman (19483), Farmer (19513) and Merchant (19553).  These descriptions are not incompatible.  Simeon raised animals and otherwise farmed and he also operated a store in Aurora20.  It is likely that Florencia was deeply involved in the day-to-day running of the store.

Simeon died at Aurora on June 26, 19979, and Florencia died there on August 1, 20029.

Julian Cabahug:

Julian Cabahug

Julian Cabahug was born on January 9, 19173, in Mandaue, Cebu, the ninth child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  As a child, he may have moved to Aurora with his family in the late 1920's.  However, he undoubtedly received his higher education in Cebu.  About1940, Julian married Dolores Tabacolde.  Dolores was born on August 28, 192120.  Julian and Dolores settled in Mandaue, where they raised a family of six children.  Julian worked as an airplane mechanic for Philippine Airlines20.

Julian died of liver cancer on June 24, 19763.  Dolores continued to live in Mandaue with her family.  She died there on April 28, 200920.

Their family is pictured at the top of this page.

Florencio Cabahug:

Florencio Cabahug

Florencio Cabahug, known to family as Tio Enciong, was born in February 27, 19199, the tenth child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez.  He moved to Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, with his family, where he pursued a life as a farmer.  On May 15, 1939, Florencio married Leoncia Cabugwas13.  Leoncia was born on November 29, 19229.

Florencio and Leoncia continued to live in Aurora, where they raised a family of nine children.  Among other activities, he was known for mading vinegar from coconut palm sap.

Leoncia died on January 24, 19959, and Florencio died there on November 12, 200220.

Flaviana Cabahug:

Flaviana Cabahug was born on December 22, 19213, in Mandaue, the eleventh and last child of Ambrosio Cabahug and Cayetana Sanchez16.  Flaviana moved to Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, with her parents, however, she returned to Mandaue for schooling in the upper grades.  On November 9, 19383, Flaviana died of typhoid fever, while attending school in Mandaue.

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