Descendants of Hilario Cabahug and Maria Guylan

Death Record

Burial Record of Hilario Cabajug
June 18, 1922
San Vicente Ferrer Catholic Church - Bogo

Hilario Cabahug was born about 1857, most likely in Mandaue, Cebu, the son of Mariano Cabahug and Antonia Muñez.  Although the above record indicates he was a native of Tabogon (natural de Tabogon), this information was likely given by someone unfamiliar with Hilario's early life.  The marriage record of his younger brother shows that Felix was native of Mandaue, making it highly likely the family began there.  Hilario moved to Tabogon shortly before 1875, along with his family.

Hilario married Maria Guylan, probably in Tabogon, where they lived for about 25 years.  Unfortunately the church records from Tabogon are not available to document their marriage and many of their children.  Beginning in 1899, the children of several Cabahug family members from Tabogon, including Hilario, were baptized at the church in Bogo39.  Hilario and family moved to Bogo around 1905, but it is not until the 1908 baptism of Pricila, that there is clear evidence that Hilario was a resident there39.  Hilario's descendants relate that he owned a considerable number of properties in the barrio of Lib-og, which is part of Barangay Guadalupe, suggesting that he was growing sugar cane for the burgeoning sugar trade in northern Cebu.  They also say that Hilario and Maria had 14 or more children, only some of whom are identified below.  Hilario died on June 18, 1922, at the age of sixty-five, from a tumor.

The known children of Hilario and Maria are (Felisa is listed as their 8th child):

i. Vicente Cabahug Vicente was born about 1895, and he died on October 17, 1909, at the age of 14 years39.
ii. Felisa Cabahug Felisa was born on October 12, 1900, in Tabagon 39.
iii. Bernardina Cabahug Bernardina was born about 190139, and she died in April 194639.  She died of malaria.
iv. Isabel Cabahug Isabel was born on November 19, 1902, at Tabogon39.
v. Genaro Cabahug Genaro was born on September 19, 190639.  He married Maria Pagabo.  They had ten at least children.
vi. Pricila Cabahug Pricila was born about 1908, at Bogo39.  She married Alejandro Ando on July 28, 1925, at Bogo39.  Alejandro was born about 1904.  They had at least four children.
vii. Francisco Cabahug Francisco was born about 190939.  He married Amada dela Cruz on November 29, 1933, at Bogo39.  Amada was born about 1913.  They had at least six children

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