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Mariano Cabahug was born in the late 1820s or early 1830s, based on the age of his oldest daughter, even allowing for exaggeration in her age.  Mariano was first reported by members of the Cabahug Clan, as an early family member who lived in the towns of Tabogon and Bogo, in northern Cebu.  This is confirmed by an 1875entry in the Protocolos, in which Mariano Cabahug, a resident of Tabogon, grants a power-of-attorney to Leandro Soco of Cebu City37.  Descendants of Mariano also remember that he was originally from Mandaue, and this is supported by the 1896 marriage record of his son, Felix, which shows that Felix was born in Mandaue39.  Thus, it appears that Mariano moved from Mandaue to Tabogon shortly before 1875.  However, this conclusion is contradicted by the 1922 death record of Hilario Cabahug, another son of Mariano39.  The record states that Hilario was born in Tabgon.  However, Hilario had lived in Tabogon for over 25 years and it is likely this information was provided by someone who assumed that Hilario was born in Tabogon.  Whatever the case, the evidence points to a strong connection with Mandaue and it is most likely Mariano was born there.

Mariano married Antonia Muñez, who was probably from Tabogon, where the Muñez name is common.  After 1875, Mariano and Antonia lived with their family in Tabogon until sometime in the early 1900's.  Beginning in 1896, Mariano's name and those of his children are found in the records of San Vicente Ferrer Catholic Church in Bogo39.  Initially, family members are recorded as residents of Tabogon, but by the early 1900s, they are residents of Bogo39.  Further, a 1904 court case shows that Mariano owned property in Barrio Libog, Bogo40.  This, along with his entry in the Protocolos, indicates that Mariano had significant wealth and was probably a leading resident of Tabogon.  It also suggests that he moved to this area to take advantage of participate in the growing sugar cane industry.

Mariano died in April 1907, of natural causes39.  Mariano and Antonia surely had a large family.  Their know children are listed below:

i. Baldomera Cabahug Baldomera was born about 1847, and she died on July 31, 193738.  She was unmarried
ii. Marcela Cabahug Marcela was reported as a child of Mariano by his descendants41.
iii. Hilario Cabahug Hilario was born about 185738, and he died on June 18, 192238.  He married Maria Guylan.
iv. Rafaela Cabahug Rafaela was born about 187039, and died on August 13, 191539.  She married Libario Amajar.
v. Felix Cabahug Felix was born about 187239.  He married Magna Barte on May 5, 1896 at Bogo39.
vi. Gertrudes Cabahug Gertrudes was born about 188038.  She married Antonio Puyos.

Baldomera Cabahug:

Baldomera Cabahug was reported by the descendants of Mariano Cabahug as one of his children.  The only other information about her comes from the records of the Church at Bogo, which record her death39.  Baldomera died in July 1937 at the age of 90.  If correct, she was born about 1837.  Since Baldomera remained single, her two known children were born out of wedlock.

The children of Baldomera are:

i. Melecio Cabahug Melecio was born about 188139.  He married Josefa Mansueto on November 6, 1906, at Bogo39.
ii. Ambrosio Cabahug Ambrosio Cabahug was born about 188739.  He married Rosalia Orlior on April 3, 1919 at Bogo39.  Ambrosio and Rosalia had at least two children.

Gertrudes Cabahug:

Gertrudes Cabahug was reported to the Cabahug Clan by the descendants of Mariano Cabahug as one of his children.  Her husband and several of her children children have been identified through the Civil Register of Bogo and the records of the Catholic Church at Bogo.  Gertrudes married Antonio Puyos in the late 1800s.  The record of the birth of Manuel, indicates that he was their ninth child38

The known children of Antonio and Gertrudes are:

i. Juana Puyos Juana was born about 190038,39.  She married Lorenzo Anchuvas on July 25, 1928 at Bogo38,39.
ii. Amada Puyos Amada was born about 190638.  She married Rufino Pelayo on Setpember 18, 1923, at Bogo38.
iii. Teofilo Puyos Teofilo was born about 191038,39.  He married Vicenta Guylan on January 16, 1929, at Bogo38,39.
iv. Eufrasina Puyos Eufracina was born about 191139. She married Pastor Arpon on August 23, 1928, at Bogo39.
v. Manuel Puyos Manuel was born on June 17, 192438.

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