Descendants of Severino Cabahug

Severino Cabahug was was born about 18813, the third child of Maximino Cabahug and Fausta Barte, and grew up in Maguikay, Mandaue, where his mother had a store21  In thelate 1890's he married Julia del Castillo3  Julia was also born about 18813  Severino and Julia appear to have lived in Consolacion, Cebu, which was at times part of Mandaue  At least two of their children moved to Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur to join their cousins.

The children of Severino and Julia are:

i. Miguel Cabahug Miguel was born on September 29, 190020, and he died on January 24, 198613  Miguel married Genoveva Suico  Genoveva was born about 190113, and she died on August 8, 198313  Miguel and Genoveva had two children.
ii. Matias Cabahug Matias was born February 24, 19053  He married Aquilina Lahoylahoy, on October 26, 192623  She was born about 190523  Matias and Aquilina had at least one child.
iii. Enrique Cabahug Enrique was born on February 26, 190920, and he died on July 18, 195213  Enrique married Marcela Judilla  Enrique and Marcela had eight children.
iv. Agustina Cabahug Agustina was born on August 29, 19113, and she died on July 7, 196520  Agustina married Juan Lumosad  Juan and Agustina had nine children.
v. Gertrudes Cabahug Gertrudes was born on November 15, 19143, and she died on February 18, 199920  Gertrudes married Ludovico Chavez  Ludovico and Gertrudes had seven children.
vi. Maria Cabahug Maria was born on November 28, 19183.

After the death of his first wife, Severino married Agripina Villamor  They had one child:

vii. Mamerto Cabahug Mamerto was born on August 17, 19283, and he died on July 5, 19803  He married Margarita Gelig  Margarita was born about 19283  Mamerto and Margarita had eight children.

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