The Family of Romana Seno

Romana Seno was identified as a sister of Catalino Seno by Diosdado Suico<14.  The Civil Records, show that she had an illegitimate daughter named Apolonia, and that she probably died December 29, 1905, at the age of 373, which indicates she was born about 1868.  Beyond this, little is known of her life.

The child of Romana is:

i. Apolonia "Polonia" Seno Apolonia married Vicente Cabahug.

Apolonia Seno:

Apolonia Seno, known as Polonia, was born February 09, 18909, and died May 23, 19809.  She married Vicente Cabahug on November 29, 19323.  Vicente was born on April 5, 18899, and died February 10, 19493,9.  This marriage, however, took place after the birth of their seven children.  As a result, the first five children bear the Seno name in the Register and no father is listed in the record.  The last two children, however, are registered as Cabahug, suggesting that Apolonia and Vicente were perhaps living together.  Over this same period, however, Vicente was also in a relationship with Eleuteria Rosal, with whom he had three children.

Apolonia's first two children probably died young as they do not appear again in the Register and are not included in the Cabahug Clan family tree2.  Thus there is no direct evidence that they are the children of Vicente Cabahug, although this seems likely considering the spacing of their births.

The children of Vicente and Apolonia are:

i. Felix Cabahug Felix was born October 12, 19103.
ii. Josefa Cabahug Josefa was born April 24, 19123.
iii. Generosa Cabahug Generosa was born July 10, 19143.  She married Bernardo Taasan2.
iv. Lorenzo "Insot" Cabahug Lorenzo was born January 2, 19163, and died April 18, 19999.  He married Emiliana Marababol2.
v. Beatriz Cabahug Beatriz was born August 30, 19183, and died September 11, 199015.  She married Domingo Mendoza2.
vi. Fructuosa Elizabeth Cabahug Fructuosa was born August 27, 19223.
vii. Constancio Cabahug Constancio was born November 30, 19233, and died December 4, 19989.  He married Josephine Lumasag2.

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