The Family of Johann Meyers and Margaretha Elisabetha Faulring

Second Generation

Baptism Record
Baptism Record Margaretha Elisabetha Faulring

Margaretha Elisabetha Faulring was born in Moggenbrunn, Saxony Coburg-Gotha on March 3, 18331, the daughter of Johann Friedrich Faulring and Anna Margaretha Zapf.  She received her early education and training there and undoubtedly worked with her mother on the family farm.  In June of 18525, Elizabeth left Moggenbrunn with her older brother Johann Peter and emigrated to America.  They sailed for America from the port of Bremen aboard the ship Richard Anderson.  After a 50 day voyage, they arrived in New York on August 11, and likely traveled to Western New York by steam boat to Albany and railroad to Buffalo.  They appear to have located somewhere in the Boston Valley, either in the Town on Boston or the Town of Concord.  It was there that Elizabeth met and married John Meyers.  Presumably this occurred shortly after her arrival, as their first child was born some time in 185333.

John Meyers was born in Bavaria in about 183134, where he completed an apprenticeship as a moulder.  After completing his mandatary military service, he emigrated to Canada where the was employed as a moulder in a foundry in southern Ontario.  Assisted by a benefactor, Conrad Flaehl, of Buffalo, John established contact with older members of his family who had emigrated earlier and settled in the Boston Valley35.  There he met and married Elizabeth Faulring35.  Following their marriage, John and Elizabeth settled in the Town of Concord, where he worked a farm near that of Elizabeth's parents33.  At least, two and perhaps four of the their children were born on this farm.  During the Civil War, John volunteered for service in the Northern Army and served in the 187th Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry.  He was wounded at Hatcher's Run, Virginia.  As a result of his service, he received a pension from the government35.  He also became a citizen of the US and resettled in Buffalo, where he worked as a laborer, probably in a foundry36.  By 1880, John and family had moved to Ashford, Cattaraugus County, New York, where he was again working a farm34.

Elizabeth Meyers died in 188635, and is buried in the Great Valley Cemetery, Great Valley, New York.  Following her death, John returned to urban life in Buffalo, where he died on December 15, 188735, and was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.  Shortly before his death, John married a second time to Catherine Baumer38.

The family of John and Elizabeth Meyers consisted of:

Third Generation

i. Barbara Meyers Barbara was born about 185333, and she died in 1937.  Barbara married John W. Klein.
ii. Christopher Meyers Christopher was born about 185433, and he on died before 187036.
iii. George W. Meyers George was born on February 8, 1856, and he on died December 1, 193537.  George married Margaretha Wurst.
iv. Louise Meyers Louise was born in July 29, 1857, and she died on November 7, 193737.  Louise married Jacob Wurst.
v. Fred C. Meyers Fred was born about 186439.  Fred married (1) Jennie Neff and (2) Mary Louise Marble.
vi. Christina Meyers Christina was born in 1865, and she died in 1945.  Christina married Frank Whitmer.
vii. Conrad Meyers Conrad was born in 1868, and he died on November 24, 1931.  Conrad married Alpha Mathewson.
viii. John George Meyers John was born in September 187340, and he died in 1943  John married Helen Mable Sherman.

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