The Family of Johann Foyer and Eva Dorothea Faulring

Second Generation

Baptism Record
Baptism Record Eva Dorothea Faulring

Eva Dorothea Faulring was born in Moggenbrunn, Saxony Coburg Coburg-Gotha on May 20, 18311, the daughter of Johann Friedrich Faulring and Anna Margaretha Zapf.  She received her early upbringing there and undoubtedly worked with her mother on the family farm.  In October of 18535, Eva left Moggenbrunn with her parents and emigrated to America and, after a 51 day voyage, they arrived in New York on January 9, 18546.  The family settled on a farm in the Town of Concord, Erie County, New York.  It is likely that Eva met and married John Foyer shortly after arriving in America, as their first child was born about 185641.  However, information in the 1900 Census indicates they were married in 185842.

John Foyer was born in Germany in May of 182743, and came to America in 185043.  We know nothing of his whereabouts until after his marriage to Eva.  John and Eva apparently lived for a time in Gowanda, New York, where at least their first children was born4.  By 1860, however, they were living in Ellicottville, where John worked as a barber41.  Then by 1880, the family had moved to Tidioute, Pennsylvania, where John continued to work as a barber44.  Finally, in 1900, John and Eva are found living with their daughter Mary and her family in McKean County, Pennsylvania42.  Eva died on February 10, 190178, and John died on April 19, 190778.

The 1900 Census indicates that John and Eva had 12 children, only three of whom were alive at that time42

The known children of John and Eva Foyer consisted of:

Third Generation

i. John Foyer John was born about 185641, and he probably died before 18684.
ii. William Foyer William was born on August 8, 1858, in Gowanda, New York4, and he died on March 24, 188378.
iii. Elizabeth Foyer Elizabeth was born in December 1859 or January 186041, and probably died before 18684.
iv. Anna Margaretha "Mary" Foyer Mary was born on July 5, 1864, in Oil City, Pennsylvania4 and she died on November 15, 193478.  She married (1) Frank Roberts, and (2) Henry J. Colomy.
v. John Foyer John was born on March 25, 1866, in Oil City, Pennsylvania4.
vi. Odelia Foyer Odelia was born about 186944.  She married William Andrews Rhoades.
vii. Conrad Foyer Conrad was born on June 6, 187178, and he died on December 12, 188278.
viii. Peter Foyer Peter was born in July 187443, and he died on May 28, 193345.  Peter married Albina Zillifro.

Anna Margaretha Foyer:

Mary, as she was known, was born on July 5, 18644, at Oil City, Pennsylvania.  She was baptized March 4, 1868, at St. Paul's Evangelical Reform Church in Boston, New York4.  Her family had moved to Pennsylvania from New York after 1860 and eventually settled in the Borough of Tidioute, in Venango County, Pennsylvania.

There is some confusion about Mary after the family settled in Tidioute.  First, Mary gave birth to a daughter, named Maud, in January 20, 1883 or 1884.  The year varies depending on the source; the 1900 Census gives Maud's birthdate as January 188442, while the record of her marriage gives her birthdate as January 20 188347.  One would tend to favor the 1883 date, which was likely given by her parents.

Additional confusion comes from Mary's first marriage to Frank Roberts, which was reported in the Tidioute News on 20 March 1885.  This marriage was apparently short lived, since Maud married a second time to Henry Jacob Colomy in about 188842.  Further, the 1900 U.S. Census lists Maud as Jacob's daughter, leaving in question who Maud's father was42.

The first child of Mary was:

Fourth Generation

i. Maud E. [Foyer] Maud was born in January 20, 188347 or 188442, and she died in August 197719.  Maud married William A. Davidson.

We know little about Jacob Colomy prior to his marriage.  According to the 1900 Census he was born in February 1857, in California42, although his roots appear to be in New England, home of several Colomy families.  After their marriage, Jacob and Mary settled in Hamilton Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania.  In 1900, Jacob was working as a laborer and served as Justice of the Peace43, while by 1910, he was working as a splitter in a leather factory46.  Jacob died on July 28, 192278, and Mary died on November 15, 193478.

The family of Jacob and Mary consisted of:

Fourth Generation

i. Herbert H. Colomy Herbert was born on May 23, 188919, and he died in April 197419.  Herbert married (1) Fern Lindblad and (2) Helen ______.
ii. John M. Colomy John was born in January 189142.
iii. Earl Edward Colomy Earl was born in April 189242.  He married Eudora M. Thurston.
iv. George A. Colomy George was born on June 30, 1895, in Ludlow, Pennsylvania47.  He married Hannah ______.
v. Frank Colomy Frank was born about 190146.
vi. Abbie May Colomy Abbie was born on July 8, 1903, in Ludlow, Pennsylvania47, and she died there on January 11, 192478.
vii. Ralph R. Colomy Ralph was born on February 2, 1905, in Wetmore, Pennsylvania47, and he died in February 196119.  He married Lucille M. Johnson.

Odelia Foyer:

Odelia Foyer was born about 186945.  Known as Tillie, she married William Andrews Rhoades on September 27, 1892 in Watson, Pennsylvania48.  Nothing further is known about William and Odelia.

Peter Foyer:

Peter Foyer was born in July 187443.  About 189843, Peter married Albina Zillifro, the daughter of Joseph and Susan Zillifro, however, Church records suggest their marriage may have taken place in 191445.  Albina had been previously married and had a child named Josephine43.  Perhaps, the later church marriage indicates complications caused by her earlier marriage.  At any rate, she is listed as Peter's wife in the 1900 Census43.

Peter and Albina initially lived in Tidioute, Pennsylvania, where he worked as a Rail Road Brakeman43.  By 1910, they had moved to Oil City, Pennsylvania and the Census indicates Peter was crippled49.  Finally, they settled in Rouseville, Pennsylvania, where Peter was a Stillman in an Oil Refinery50, work he continued until his death on May 28, 193345.  Abina died nearly a year later on May 13, 193445.

According to the 1910 Census, Peter and Albina had nine children, five of whom were alive at the time49

The known children of Peter and Albina are:

Fourth Generation

i. Evelyn Ida Foyer Evelyn was born in August 189943.  She married Jack A. Lamorer.
ii. William H. Foyer William was born on November 30, 1901, and he died on June 3, 199619.  William married Helen A. _____
iii. Frank Leo Foyer Frank was born on May 24, 190445, and he died on June 6, 194745.
iv. Peter E. Foyer Peter was born on January 23, 190619, and he died on August 1, 198919.
v. Edith Catherine Foyer Edith was born on March 30, 190945.

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