The Ancestors of Johann Friedrich Faulring

The Children of Andreas Faulring

The earliest known ancestor of Johann Friedrich Faulring is Andreas Faulring, whose name is found in the records of St. Laurentius Church in Meeder.  The marriage record of Johann Georg Faulring to Kunnigunda Herzer states, in part:  Johann Georg Faulring, ein unehelicher Sohn Andreas Faulrings79, which translates Johann Georg Faulring, an illegitimate son of Andreas Faulring.  There is no mention of Georg's mother. 

Additional background on Andreas comes from the Church at Breitenau, a small village about 10 kilometers west of Moggenbrunn.  The church records there contain the baptism of Margaretha Elisabetha Koch on April 30, 176659,79.  Margaretha Elisabetha was the child of Anna Dorothea Koch, daughter of Nicol Koch.  The record goes on to explain that Anna Dorothea was shamed [geschändet], in the village of Billmuthhausen [no longer extant] where her father was a day laborer.  The father of the child was none other than Andreas Faulring.

Andreas had been a "servant", probably a farm-hand, in Billmuthhausen when the incident occurred.  However, by the time of the baptism, Andreas had left the area and was serving as a musketeer [Musquetier] in Brandenburg79.  Clearly, Andreas took off to avoid punishment.  Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to learn more about Andreas and his ancestors.

The know children of Andreas Faulring are:

i. Johann Georg Faulring Johann Georg died on April 21, 1814.  He married (1) Kunnigunda Herzer 1,2 and (2) Eva Dorothea Sülfleisch 1.
ii. Margaretha Elisabetha Koch Margaretha was born April 29, 176659,79, the daughter of Anna Dorothea Koch, by Andreas Faulring.

The Family of Johann Georg Faulring

Johann Georg Faulring was born in Meeder2,79, the illegitimate child of Andreas Faulring.  The record of his birth has not yet been found.

On October 28, 179279, Johann Georg married Kunnigunda Herzer, in Unterlauter.  At the time of his marriage, Georg was in the military service in Oberlauter.  Kunnigunda, the daughter Johann Georg Herzer and Catharina Bergner, was born September 15, 176579.  Johann Georg and Kunnigunda had three children, all of whom died soon after birth.  Then Kunnigunda died on July 16, 180079, shortly after giving birth to her third child.

The children of Johann Georg and Kunnigunda are:

i. Johann Paul Faulring Johann Paul was born on June 10, 17972,79, and he died on June 17, 17972,79.
ii. Johann Paul Faulring Johann Paul was born on July 14, 17982,79, and he died on August 13, 17982,79.
iii. Johann Friedrich Faulring Johann Friedrich was born on July 4, 18002,79, and he died on July 15, 18002,79.

Marriage Record of Johann Georg Faulring
Marriage Record of Johann Georg Faulring

On January 8, 1901, Johann Georg Faulring married Eva Dorothea Sühlfleisch at St. Laurentius Church, Meeder, Saxony Coburg-Gotha1,79.  Eva Dorothea was the daughter of the late Nicol Sühlfleisch.  Nicol had been a blacksmith in the village of Rossfeld, located 14 kilometers west of Meeder.

Johann Georg Faulring died at Moggenbrunn on April 21, 18141,79, after eight days of sickness with typhus.  At the time he was a soldier.  Eva Dorothea died on March 1, 1836, of senility1,79.

Johann Georg and Eva Dorothea had one child:

i. Johann Friedrich Faulring Johann Friedrich was born on October 26, 18021, and he died on December 28, 18801.  Johann Friedrich married Anna Margaretha Zapf

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