The Family of Johann Faulring and Mary Klein

Second Generation

Baptism Record
Baptism Record
of Johann Faulring

Johann Faulring was born on May 6, 18451, at Moggenbrunn, Saxony Coburg-Gotha, the eleventh child of Johann Friedrich Faulring and Anna Margaretha Zapf.  He was baptized on June 1, 1845 at St. Laurentius Church in Meeder, Saxony Coburg-Gotha8.  His early years were spent in Moggenbrunn with his parents.

In 1853/54 John accompanied his parents and three of his siblings to America, where the family settled in the Town of Concord in Eric County, New York.  John grew up on the family farm where he received his education and participated in the farm work.  In July of 1867, he purchased a half-share in the farmland of his brother, Casper, and presumably worked on this farm.  On February 17, 1869, he married Mary Klein9, and in 1870, they are found living with John's parents on the family farm14.  In the ensuing years, John and Mary had three children:

Third Generation

i. Louise Magdalena Faulring Louise was born on February 10, 18714, and she died on April 22, 194510.  Louise married Edward G. Fuller.
ii. Otilia Elizabeth Faulring Otilia was born on January 29, 18734, and she died on March 28, 18734.
iii. Albert John Faulring. Albert was born on April 17, 18744, and he died on September 14, 195310.  Albert married (1) Mary K. Miller, (2) Katherine Balser, and (3) Jessie Endress.

John's whereabouts for the next several years is not clear.  However, we do know that during this period, John and Mary were divorced.  In 1880, John was living by himself in East Otto, Cattaraugus County, New York, working as a laborer17.  Over the next twenty years, John lived in East Otto.  In 1883, John's share of the farm in Concord was sold in a Sheriff's Auction, presumably to pay some unmet obligation.  Then in 1885, a Laura Faulring sold a piece of land in East Otto64, the first indication that John had remarried. This marriage was confirmed, when, in 1888, John and Laura Faulring purchased 38 acres, also in East Otto64.  Thus, the 1892 New York State Census lists John and Laura Fowlring living in East Otto65, and John is still working as a laborer.  Laura was 53 three years of age, indicating she was born about 1839.  Then, sometime before 1897, Laura apparently died.

Finally, on October 24, 1897, John married for a third time to Amanda Passenger in Great Valley, Cattaraugus County9.  Amanda was born in April 185726, in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Adam Passenger and Mary Fitzsimmons.  Their marriage record shows that John was a widower and that this was his third marriage.  His occupation is given as a wood cutter.  John and Amanda continued to live in East Otto, where John died on May 6, 1901, and Amanda died on May 21, 1902.  Probate records show that John and Amanda were "destitute", had little personal property and his real property barely covered his debts and funeral expenses77.


Louise Faulring:

Louise Magdalena Faulring was born on February 10, 18714, the oldest child of John and Mary Faulring.  She was baptized at St. Paul's Church in Boston on February 19, 18714.  We know very little about her childhood.

About 1888, Louise married Edward Fuller17, the son of Alanson and Jane Fuller18.  In 1900, Edward and Louise were living in Hamburg, New York, the parents of six children17.  Edward's occupation is given as a Stationery Engineer, a person who operates and maintains shore side boilers and power generating equipment.  By 1910, the family had moved to Buffalo and Edward was a steel worker.  Edward and Louise had a seventh child in 1911.  Louise died on April 22, 194510, and Edward died on November 22, 195410.

Third Generation

i. Frederick Albert Fuller Frederick was born in June 188917.
ii. Edward Fuller Edward was born in August 189017.
iii. Edna S. Fuller Edna was born in March 189217, and she died on November 04, 1950.  Edna married Daniel J. Condon.
iv. Jessie Fuller Jessie was born on August 10, 189319, and she died in October 1972.19.  Jessie married Joseph Gallagher.
v. Mae Fuller Mae was born on March 05, 189619, and she died in August 199319.  May married (1) _____ Walker and (2) Lewis Lines.
vi. Howard P. Fuller Howard was born on April 08, 189919 , and he died in June 197319.  Howard married Florence Bognar.
vii. Harry J. Fuller Harry was born on May 22, 191119, and he died in January 198119.

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