The Family of William Faulring

Third Generation

William and Emma Faulring

William and Emma Faulring


Casper William Edward Faulring was born on June 4, 187810, in the Town of Concord, New York, the 6th child of Casper and Barbara Faulring.  Throughout his life, he went by the name William, or Will for short.  He grew up on the family farm in the Town of Concord, probably the farm of his grandfather and father, located on Emerling road.  In 1900, William was living with his mother and step-father in Boston, New York and working as a carpenter55.

In 1905, Will formed a partnership with his brother Christ to establish a feed mill business for processing and selling grain.  In Boston, they purchased a small piece of land adjacent to the Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad7, where they built their Feed Mill.  In the neighboring Town of Colden, the brothers leased land from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for another mill.  Christ and Will operated the C&W Faulring Feed Mill Company until 1938, when they leased both mills and associated equipment to George and Herold Faulring and DeLee Owen, who continued the operation until 194513.

Sometime around 1907, William married Matilda Demerley, daughter of Charles Demerley and Carrie Schunk, and in 1909, Matilda gave birth to a son.  On March 11, 1909, Matilda died, presumable as a result of complications from child birth69.

The child of William and Matilda was:

Fourth Generation

i. Clifton W. Faulring Clifton was born on February, 27, 190910,19, and he died on February 9, 199910,19.  Clifton married Barbara Jones.

Following the death of his wife, William lived briefly with his mother and step-father.  Then on January 16, 1913, he married Emma Kohn, daughter of George Kohn and Barbara Herye69.  William and Emma purchased a house on the Boston State road, near that of his brother George.  They had one daughter.  William died on March 7, 1944, and Emma died on March 21, 194769.

The child of William and Emma was:

Fourth Generation

i. Marjorie M. Faulring Marjorie was born on June, 27, 192010, and she died on July 21, 1976.  Marjorie married Howard Burkhardt.

Clifton and Marjorie

Clifton and Marjorie Faulring

Clifton Faulring:

Clifton W. Faulring was born on February 27, 190910,19, and grew up in Boston, New York.  He married Barbara Jones and they had three children.  Barbara died on April 25, 199019, and Clifton followed on February 9, 199910,19.

Marjorie Faulring:

Marjorie Faulring was born on June 27, 192010, and grew up in Boston, New York.  On July 11, 194510, she married her 2nd cousin, Howard Burkhardt, in Atlanta, Georgia, where Howard was serving in the military.  Howard was born on September 17, 192110, the son of John Burkhardt and Dora Pfarner.  After his military service, Howard was employed by Roswell Park Memorial Hospital and worked at its substation in Springville, New York, assisting in research on the genetics of cancer.  Howard and Marjorie lived in her family home in Boston, where they raised a daughter.  Howard died on June 23, 196410, and Marjorie died on July 21, 197610.

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