Family of Aaron Green Needham

Seventh Generation

Aaron Green Needham was born on April 1, 1823, in the Town of Concord, New York, the third child of Oliver Needham and Lodisa Green3.  Green, or A.G. as he was generally known, grew up on the family farm and, as with his brothers, he attended District School.  On May 28, 1846, A.G. married Sarah A. Canfield3.  Sarah was born on February 11, 1828, the daughter of Sillick Canfield and Susanna Tousy19.  Soon after their marriage A.G. and Sarah left Concord and moved to Wisconsin3.  In the spring of 1849, A.G. and his brother, David, purchased land in Dane County, which A.G. proceeded to improve15.  In 1850, A.G. and Sarah were living in Deerfield, Dane County, with their three-year-old daughter20, showing they had moved to Wisconsin by 1847, and likely earlier.  Sarah died on October 3, 18513, probably in Wisconsin, however this is not stated in family records.

The child of A.G. and Sarah was:

Eighth Generation

i. Maria Needham Maria was born on September 26, 18473, and she died on March 19, 18713.  Maria married William Edward Dye.

Following Sarah's death (assuming she died in Wisconsin) A.G. and his daughter returned to New York were they lived with his parents on the family homestead.  On September 29, 1852, A.G. married Melissa M. Blanchard3.  Melissa was born in September 182921, in Vermont.  A.G. and Melissa continued to live with his parent, where A.G. operated the farm.  The milk from he produced from the cows was turned into cheese for sale3.  After the death of Olive and Lodisa, A.G. sold the family farm and moved to a small place near East Concord3.  Later, A.G. and his son-in-law, Frank, bought a farm on Genesee Rd., where both families lived3.

A.G. was school Trustee for several years, and he worked as an insurance agent3.  A.G. died on August 16, 19053, and Melissa died on August 20, 1908, in Sardinia, New York3.

The children of A.G. and Melissa were:

Eighth Generation

i. Mary Lovina Needham Mary was born on May 13, 18543, and she died on Januaru 1, 191714.  Mary married Frank S. Whitney.
ii. Nettie Needham Nettie was born on July 20, 18563, and she died on March 1, 18633, of scarlet fever.
iii. George Needham George was born on April 4, 185914, and he died on March 10, 1863 3, of scarlet fever.

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