Family of Francisco Cabahug and Ynes Rasil

Death Record

Death Record of Francisco Cabahug

Francisco Cabahug is the founder of the main Cabahug family in San Remigio, Cebu.  It is interesting that a large majority of early cabahug family members are his descendants26.  The only other significant Cabahug family is that of Gabino Cabahug, who migrated to San Remigio from Liloan.

Death Record
Death Record of Ynes Rasil

The records of San Juan Nepomuceno Catholic Church in San Remigio26 indicate that Francisco and his wife Ynes Rasil migrated from the west coast of Bohol to San Remigio on the west coast of Cebu.  According to Dr. Cullinane many Bolohanos migrated from the Bohol's west coast to the west coast of Cebu in the 1840s and 1850s4.  The Church records bear this out.

The Church records also indicate that Fancisco and Ynes likely came from the Town of Tubigon.  Although other possible locations are mentioned, Tubigon is among the earliest and most frequent26.  Little else is known about Francisco and Ynes, which makes it difficult to determine when they migrated and where their older children were born.

Francisco died at San Remigio on August 30, 1866, at the age of 40, indicating he was born about 182626.  Ynes died on April 8, 1864, at the age of 3026.  The record of her death gives her surname as Caber or Cabaer, however, most records show her name as Rasil, including the record of Francisco's death, shown above.  This probably resulted from confusion during the period when surnames were made manditory in the Philippines, (See Governor Claveria's Decree).

The known children of Francisco and Ynes are:

i. Esteban Cabahug Esteban was born about 184626.  He married (1) Roberta Ramirez26 and (2) Blasa dela Cerna26.
ii. Matea Cabahug Matea married Domingo Demape26.
iii. Domingo Cabahug Domingo married Victoria Cabardo26.
iv. Bartola Cabahug Bartola was born about 185626.  She married Saturnino Marianito26.
v. Francisca Cabahug Francisca was born about 186126.  She married Leoncio Pedroza26.

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