Descendants of Jacinto Andres and Maria Estefa


Portion of Nazarena Cabahug's Will

Jacinto Andres, along with Josef Silvestre, is one of the earliest known members of the Cabahug family.  He and his wife, Maria Estefa, are named in the 1869 Testamento (will) of Doña Nazarena Maria Cabajug, as her parents24.  Nazarena was over 60 years old at the time, indicating the Jacinto and Estefa were born in the late 1700's.  [Note that prior to 1850, residents of the Philippines had two names, however they were generally known by one of those names, as indicated here.]

Baptismal Record
Baptism Record of Maria Estefa

Nazarena Cabahug recorded two wills in 1869, the first in July24 and the second in October25.  The second will provides additional information on her parents.  First, it states that they were born in and residents of Mandaue.  However, such information is not always accurate, due to faulty memory.  Fortunately, there is confirmation that Maria Estefa was born in Mandaue.  By shear luck, the record of her baptism was copied in 1843, likely for some legal purpose.  Estefa was baptized June 9, 1782, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Mandaue, at two weeks of age48.  This proves she was born in Mandaue, and suggests that Jacinto was also born their, or at least was a resident for most of his life.

Nazarena's second will names her parents, in this as Jacinto Ignacio and Maria Estefa.  The difference in Jacinto's name likely indicates a lapse in Nazarena's memory, rather than a sigificant problem.  It does show, however, that her father was commonly known as Jacinto to his family and the community.

A 1851 entry in the Protocolos35 by Ambrocio Cabahug states that Maria Estefa recorded her will in 1847, before the Gobernadorcillo of Mandaue.  This Indicates that her husband had died previous to 1847, otherwise Estefa would not record a will.  The entry also states that Maria Estefa had died by 1851.

The known children of Jacinto Andres and Maria Estefa are:

i. Ambrocio Cabahug
ii. Nazarena Maria Cabahug Nazarena was born in the first decade of the 18th century24.  She married Mariano Cortes.

Ambrocio Cabahug:

What little we know about Ambrocio Cabahug comes from two entries in the Protocolos.  On January 25, 184534, Don Ambrocio Mariano was one of the Cabezas de Barangay of Mandaue who signed an agreement establishing the boundary between the newly created town of Liloan and Mandaue.  Then on May 25, 185135, Don Ambrocio Cabahug Mariano recorded clause Number Seven of his mother's will.  Maria Estefa recorded her will in 1845 before the Gobernadorcillo of Mandaue.  [Note the connection between Ambrocio's name in 1845, and in 1851.]

Estefa's will granted Ambrocio a number of household items, including 49 buttons of silver used for a leather jacket.  These items had a total value of 16 pesos, 7 reales and 235 granos.  In addition, Ambrocio received the land were the family house was, probably in the Poblacion, part of a lot in Looc and part of a lot in Omapad.  Finally, the clause mentions his eighth share for the purchase of the house, suggesting Ambrocio had seven siblings.  We only know of his sister, Nazarena.

Nazarena Cabahug:

Nazarena Maria Cabahug is known from her testamentos, recorded in the notary records of Cebu (Protocolos), which were first reported by Dr. Michael Cullinane4, in a personal communication.  In her testamento of 8 July 186924, she states that she is a "widow, more than sixty years of age", and names her parents as Jacinto Andres and Maria Estefa.  In a second testemento25, dated 20 October 1869, Nazarena states that her husband, Mariano Cortes, passed away in 1853.  The testamentos also names her eight children and several grandchildren.

The testamentos of Nazarena also give some insight into her status.  She owned land in Canduman, along with carabao and she also had a house, probably in the Poblacion24.  Finally, she owned a considerable amount of jewelery24.  The second testamento clarified her inheritance, with the land in Canduman going to her son Macario, and her jewelry going to daughter Timotea25.  She also left various items to Esperidion Flores, son of Timotea25.  The extent of her estate indicates that Nazarena was a wealthy resident of Mandaue.

The children of Mariano Cortes and Nazarena Cabahug are:

i. Valeriano Cortes Valeriano died before 186924.  He had not married.
ii. Leona Cortes Leona died before 186925.  She had not married.
iii. Jorge Cortes Jorge died before 186925.
iv. Macario Cortes
v. Ignacio Cortes Ignacio died before 186925.  He was married and had children.
vi. Timotea Cortes
vii. Manuel Cortes
viii. Rufino Cortes

Jorge Cabahug:

In her testamentos of 1869, Nazarena Cabahug, states that her son, Jorge Cortes, had already died24,25 and she lists the names of his children25 as:

i. Placido Cortes Placido married Alejandra Ouano
ii. Marcelina Cortes
iii. Marcosa Cortes
iv. Cornelia Cortes Cornilia married Prudencio Sanchez.
v. Regina Cortes

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