Early Members of the Cabahug Family

Table II:  Early Church Records

The names listed in this table are those of the earliest Cabahug family members found in the records of the respective churches.  Only one entry is listed for a given individual.  Numerous descendants of these family members are found in the church records, many of whom are present in the family trees found on this site.

The entry for Maria Estefa is an exception.  This record was among a small number of copies of the original church records in 1843 and apparently made for some legal purpose

Name Date Residence Notes
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Mandaue
Maria Estefa 1843 Mandaue Baptismal record of Maria Estefa; recorded June 9, 1782, copied August 2, 1843.
San Fernando Rey Catholic Church, Liloan
Josef Silvestre 1845 Liloan Named as the father of Francisco Manuel in the record of his marriage to Clara Maria.
Francisco Manuel 1845 Liloan Marriage record of Francisco Manuel to Clara Maria. In 1850, Francisco adopted the name Cabajug.
Blas Pedro 1845 Liloan Baptismal record of Juan Pedro, son of Blas Pedro and Mauricia Manuela. In 1850, Blas adopted the name Cabajug.
Juan Ygnacio 1845 Liloan Baptismal record of Alejandra Ygnacia, daughter of Juan Ygnacio and Maria Petrona. In 1850, Juan adopted the name Cabajug.
Beronica Pepito 1858 Liloan Death record of Beronica Pepito, widow of Josef Silvestre.
San Vicente Ferrer Catholic Church, Bogo
Cristina Cabajug 1894 Bogo Death of Cristina Cabajug, who was born in Pinamungajan, Cebu.
Benito Cabajug 1894 Bogo Baptismal record of Engracia Cabajug, daughter of Benito and Salvadora Beregna.
Mariano Cabajug 1896 Tabogon Marriage of Felix Cabajug, son of Mariano Cabajug, to Magna Barte.
Francisco Cabajug 1899 Tabagon Baptismal record of Matea Cabajug, daughter of Francisco and Patricia Puyos.
Lorenzo Cabajug 1899 Tabogon Baptismal record of Leona Cabajug, daughter of Lorenzo and Bibiana Niez.
Hilario Cabajug 1900 Tabogon Baptismal record of Felisa Cabajug, daughter of Hilario and Maria Guylan.
Candido Cabajug 1902 Tabogon Baptismal record of Marta Cabajug, daughter of Candido and Pascuala Valle.
Juan Cabajug 1902 Tabogon Baptismal record of Lucio Cabajug, son of Juan and Severa Alivio.
Rufino Cabajug 1903 Bogo Baptismal record of Eugenia Cabajug, daughter of Rufino and Juana Faberon.
San Juan Nepomuceno, San Remigio
Domingo Cabajug 1865 San Remigio Baptismal record of Paulina Cabajug, daughter of Domingo Cabajug and Victoria Cabardo.
Matea Cabajug 1866 San Remigio Baptismal record of Agaton Cabardo, son of Domingo Cabardo and Matea Cabajug.
Claudia Cabajug 1866 San Remigio Baptismal record of Julian Bool, son of Catalino Bool and Claudia Cabajug.
Francisco Cabajug 1877 San Remigio Marriage record of Francisco Cabajug's daughter, Francisca, to Leoncio Pedroza.
Vidal Cabajug 1883 San Remigio Marriage record of Vidal Cabajug's son, Juan to Basilia Marianio.
Antonio Cabajug 1885 San Remigio Marriage record of Antonio Cabajug's son, Mateo, to Juana Pedroza.
Gabino Cabajug 1897 San Remigio Marriage record of Gabino Cabajug's son, Aniceto to Jacoba Gopong.

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