Early Members of the Cabahug Family

Table II:  Church Records

This table lists members cabahug family found in early church records.  However, rather that include all individuals, the earliest member of each Cabahug family is listed.  Pertinent information from the record is included in the notes.  This avoids including the large number of the early family members.  The family tree for each individual can be found elsewhere in this site.  The church records used in preparing this Table are available from the Family History Library of the Mormon Church through FamilySearch.

In the notes section of Table II, the Spanish term "natural de" is translated "native of" and is typically taken to mean the individual was born in that place.  However, not infrequently, the individual providing the information may have forgotten or does not know where the individual was born, particularly in a death record.  Therefore the information in the records should be used judiciously.  In the end, "natural de" almost always will mean the individual has lived the that place for many years.

Name Date Residence Notes

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Mandaue, Cebu
Maria Estefa 1782 Mandaue From the baptism record of June 9, 1782.  This record was among several records from the Church in Mandaue copied August 1843, apparently for some legal or governmental purpose.
The baptism records describes Maria Estefa as a mestiza, implying she has of Chinese ancestry.

San Fernando Rey Catholic Church, Liloan, Cebu
1845 - 1931
Josef Silvestre 1845 Liloan Josef Silvestre and Beronica Maria are named as the parents of Francisco Manuel in the record of Francisco's 1845 marriage to Clara Maria.  In 1850, Francisco later adopted the surname Cabajug.
The record describes Silvestre and Beronica as natives and residents of Liloan
1852 Liloan The baptism record of Purdencio Cabajug gives his parents names as Francisco Cabajug Manuel and Clara Pilapil Maria, thus showing that Francisco Cabajug is the same person as Francisco Manuel.  See Filipino Surnames - 1850.
Blas Cabajug 1858 Liloan The baptism record of Ceferina Cabajug names her parents as Blas Cabajug and Mauricia Pilapil.  It is highly likely that Blas is also a son of Silvestre and a brother of Francisco and Juan.
Beronica Pepito 1858 Liloan The death record of Beronica Pepito, widow of Josef Silvestre, showing that Beronica Maria adopted the name Pepito.
Juan Cabajug 1898 Liloan The death record of Juan Cabajug names his father as Silvetre Cabajug, showing that he is a son of Silvestre and brother of Francisco.

San Vicente Ferrer Catholic Church, Bogo, Cebu
1865 - 1956
Cristina Cabajug 1894 Bogo The death record of Cristina Cabajug, the widow of Cipriano Perdugo and daughter of Julio Cabajug and Catalina, both deceased.  Julio and Catalina were residents of Pinamungahan, Cebu.
Benito Cabajug 1894 Bogo The baptism record of Egracia Cabajug, the daughter of Benito Cabajug and Salvadora Beregna, both residence of Bogo.
1901 Tabogon The baptism record of Perpetua Cabajug, the daughter of Benito Cabajug and Salvadora Beregna.  This record says they are residents of Tabogon.  Importantly, the record names the parents of Benito as Januario Cabahug and Felisicima Barte of Mandaue.
Mariano Cabajug 1896 Tabogon The marriage record of Felix Cabajug to Magna Barte, shows Felix was the son of Mariano Cabajug and Antonia Muñes.  The records also states that Felix was 24 year old and was native of Mandaue.
1907 Bogo Death record of Mariano Cabajug.
Hilario Cabajug 1900 Tabogon The baptism record of Felisa Cabajug, the daughter of Hilario Cabahug and Maria Guylan shows Hilario as a resident of Tabogon.  Hilario was the son of Mariano Cabahug.
Francisco Cabajug 1899 Tabogon The baptism record of Matea Cabajug, the daughter Francisco Cabajug and Patricia Puyos.
Lorenzo Cabajug 1899 Tabogon baptism record of Leona Cabajug, the daughter of Lorenzo Cabajug and Patricia Puyos.
Candido Cabajug 1902 Tabogon The baptism of Marta Cabajug, the daughter of Candido Cabajug and Juana Taberon.
Juan Cabajug 1902 Tabogon baptism record of Lucio Cabajug, the son of Juan Cabajug and Severa Alivio.
Rufino Cabajug 1903 Bogo The baptism of Eugenia Cabajug, the daughter of Rufino Cabajug and Pascuala Talle.

San Juan Nepomuceno, San Remigio, Cebu
1864 - 1958
Francisco Cabajug 1868 The baptism record of Ygnacio Cabajug, the son of Domingo Cabajug and Victoria Piego.  This record says the father of Domingo was Francisco Cabajug, a native of Loboc, Bohol.
1869-1893 There are 17 additional baptism records of Francisco Cabajug's grandchildren in the church records.  These records give the birthplace of Francisco as Bogo, Cebu (4); Tubigon, Bohol (6); Maribojoc, Bohol (2); Loon, Bohol (3); Bohol (1) and San Remigio (1).
Vidal Cabajug 1876 San Remigio The baptism record of Eugenia Cabajug, the daughter of Tomas Cabajug and Melecia Lagat.  This record identifies the father of Tomas as Vidal Cabajug, a native of Guindulman, Bohol.
1883 San Remigio The marriage record of Juan Cabajug and Basilia Marianito.  The parents of Juan were Vidal Cabajug and Martina Larada, and natives of Tubigon, Bohol.
Gabino Cabajug 1883 San Remigio The baptism record of Victor Cabajug, the son Gabino Cabajug and Jorgea Pitogo.  Gabino's father was Blas Cabajug, who was a native of Liloan.
Antonio Cabajug 1885 San Remigio The marriage record Mateo Cabajug and Juana Pedroza.  Mateo was the son of Antonio Cabajug and Estefa Tapangon.  Antonio was a native of Maribojoc, Bohol and Estefa was a native of Mandaue, Cebu.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Loay, Bohol
1852 - 1962
Mariano Cabajog 1854 The baptism of Selbino Cabajog names her parents as Jose Mariano Cabajog and Angela Anacleta Apellanis
Esteban Cabajog 1855 The baptism record of Maria Cabajog names her parents as Esteban Ignacio Cabajog and Atanacia Rosalia Duet
Ignacio Cabajog 1859 The baptism record of Gabriel Cabajog, son of Ignacio Cabajog Rodicindes Casilas .
Mariano Cabajog 1861 The baptism record of Felipe Cabajog, son of Mariano Cabajog and Balbina Minona.
This is not the same Mariano Cabajog listed above.
Elias Cabajog 1874 The baptism record of Isaias Cabajog, son of Calixto Cabajog and Maria Blaya, names his grandparents as Elias Cabajog and Maria Tumbo.
Calixto Cabajog first appears in a 1853 record of his daughter, Antonia's baptism.
Gabriel Cabajog 1875 The baptism record of Serapion Cabajog, son of Ignacio Cabajog and Juana Ylogon, names his grandparents as Gabriel Cabajog and Escolastica Nince.

St. James the Greater Catholic Church, Allen, Northern Samar
1905 - 1972

Pablo Cabajog 1906 Allen The death record of Maria Cabajog, daughter of Juan Cabajog names his grandparents as Pablo Cabajog and Andrea Vadunava.  The record shows Pablo was a native of Allen.
Leocadio Cabajog 1907 The marriage of Salustriano Cabajog to Estanisla Florano gives his parents as Leocadio Cabajog and Cecilia Vandal.  Leocadio was deceased and no further information was given in the record.
Pedro Cabjog 1920 Allen The death record of Pablo Cabajog, age 90 years, names his parents as Pedro Cabajog and Maria Fenes, both were natives of Matnog, Sorogon.  The record also states he was a native o f Allen

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