The Family of Jacob Zehler [Sailer] and Magdalena Kreib

Second Generation

Jacob Sailer

Jacob Sailer in front of his Sampling Room - around 1890

Jacob Zehler was born in the tiny village of Nuhweiler, Rhine Province, Prussia, and came to America in 1856, with his parents.  About 187444, he married Magdalena Kreib.  Jacob and Magdalena initially lived in Attica, New York, but later moved to Buffalo, New York.

The children of Jacob and Magdalena are:

Third Generation

i. Caroline Mae Sailer Caroline was born on October 22, 18741, and she died on November 8, 194341.  Caroline married (1) John Frederick Richter and (2) Scott T. Martin.
ii. Margaret Sailer Margaret was born in September 187644.  She married 1) Hugh Buggy and 2) Peter Hoffman.
iii. George Sailer George was born in December 187844.  He married Mary Duffy.
iv. Edward E. Sailer Edward was born on March 12, 188141, and he died on October 18, 195441.  Edward married Susie L. McConnell.
v. Jacob John Sailer Jacob was born on June 21, 1883, and he died on November 2, 193945.  Jacob married Louise Schoenherr.

Baptismal Record
Jacob's Baptismal Record

Jacob Zehler was born April 17, 18534,5, at Nuhweiler, the twelfth child of Peter Zehler and Anna Maria Klasen.  His birth record shows that Jacob was the younger of twin brothers, being about an hour younger than John5.  At the age of three, Jacob came to America with his parents.  On the ships passenger list, however, his age is listed as eleven months97; part of the mystery surrounding the Zehler family coming to America.  Jacob's grew up on the family farm in Bennington, New York, where he received any formal education.

Baptismal Record
Jacob's Birth Record

In 186047, at age 7, Jacob was living with his parents in Bennington, as expected.  However, in 1870, he is not at home and his whereabouts is unknown.  About 187444, Jacob married Magdalena Kreib.  Magdalena was born on March 14, 1855, in Attica, New York, the daughter of Jacob Kreib and Christina Weiser.  In February 1879, Jacob Sailer purchased a lot on Folsom Street in the Attica Village, comprising three-tenths of an acre, for $265.3023.  Presumably, this purchase included a house where they would live.

The 1880 U.S. Census shows Jacob and Lena, living in Attica, with three children202.  Jacob was working as a carpenter.  These records are the first indication of the change is Jacob's surname.  Family lore suggests that Jacob changed the spelling of his name from Zehler to Sailer thinking an English sounding name would help in finding work.  The poor economy of this period and difficulty in finding jobs make this a likely explanation.

Six Zehler Brothers
Jacob with five of his brothers

In July of 1882, Jacob and Lena sold the lot in Attica, for $70023.  After this sale, the family's whereabouts is unknown until 1892.  The Buffalo City 58 directory for that year shows Jacob living at 300 Genesee Street; occupation: "Saloon", and the entry for Jacob and family in the 1892 New York State Census204, lists "Sample Room" under occupation.  Jacob was not listed in the 1891203 Buffalo City directory. 

The lead picture on this page shows that Sampling Room (Saloon) with Jacob standing in the doorway.  However, Jacob apparently only operated the Sampling Room for a few years, since the 1895 City Directory205 lists his occupation as carpenter, suggesting that Jacob had returned to his earlier profession.  In the 190044 and 1910206 U.S. Census, Jacob's occupation was again listed as carpenter.

Jacob died November 15, 191430, in Buffalo.  For the previous 4½ months he had suffered from chronic nephritis leading to severe edema.  Magdalena died on July 20, 191830, of apoplexy, probably indicating she had a stroke.  Jacob and Magdalena are buried in Buffalo Cemetery, Cheektowaga, New York40.

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