Compiling a family genealogy and history for our extended family required the help of many resources.  Particularly important are the many relatives, who have stories, pictures and other information.  Without their willing and enthusiastic help, this presentation would not be possible.  We are indebted to all our new friends and relatives for their generous support.  The following individuals and organizations were particularly helpful.

First, the support, encouragement and help of my family, especially my wife and my father.  Lucy was very forgiving of the time spent on this project and very helpful in researching her family.  Lyle pointed me to the only Zehler family he knew and key information on the family history.  He also provided a picture of his great-grandfather.
A Special thanks goes to Lillian Coe and Verna Burke (1924-2007), daughters of Walter Zehler.  As my first contact with distant cousins, their interest in family history led to a long friendship and collaboration.  Verna provided the pictures of her grandparents.
Hilda Graves (1914-2003), another cousin and good friend, was the source of most of the information on her Graves family and was the source of nearly all of the pictures of our immigrant family members.
Larry Appleby (1927-2013) was the source of much information on the family of Charles Zehler living in Warsaw, New York.  He also provided pictures of Charles and Mary Zehler's 50th wedding anniversary and of the family of Daniel and Matilda Stevens.
Ed Mugridge (1916-2008), was the main source for information on the Mugridge family as well as the extended family of Nichols Zehler.  Ed was the source of several family pictures, including those of his mother and his aunt Florence.  Several times, we stopped off to visit Ed and Helen on our way to my childhood home in Western, New York.  It was a pleasure to see them and talk about family and friends.
Thanks to Edward Zehler and his wife, Marie (1924-2017), for details on life in Bennington and for pictures his family.
Thanks to Andy Meyer for his many insights into the Meyer and Zehler family.  We exchanged many letters and emails early in this project.
I visited Marybelle Storms several times when in Western New York.  Marybelle was a valued source for background on the family of Mary Zehler Martin, including a picture of the Martin General Store in Sheldon Center.
Thanks to Charles Cutchshaw (1933-2017) for details on the family of Martin Zehler and his descendants.  Charles became a good friend and we corresponded regularly.
Thanks to Roger Mayne, a friend and correspondent, for information on the Mayne family and family pictures. 
Alan Truax provided information for the Truax family, and has been a regular correspondent
Thanks to Jo-Ann Carter for information and pictures for the Sailer family.
Thanks to John and Mary Jenss for information on the Jenss family.
Marjorie Maron (1918-2007) was the source of information on her family and provided the picture of her mother, Josephine Zehler.
Eunice Waters (1918-1994) provided information on the family of Peter Zehler.
Thanks to Linda Knight who provided information and pictures for family of Norris and Helen Whitlock.
Ralph Zehler (1923-2016) provided information and pictures for the family of Albert Zehler.
Pat Nichol provided information and pictures for the family of Albert Zehler
Louise Snyder (1920-1999), provided valuable information and several picture for the Greff family
Thanks to Peter Zehler who provided the picture of Michael Zehler's Sawmill
Thanks to Keith Truax for information of his Truax family
Burgermeister Berthold Müller.  Hr. Müller was kind enough to meet with us at the tiny hamlet of Nuhweiler during our visit to the ancestral home of the Zehler family.  He pointed out the buildings of the Zehler farm and described the history of the Gamekeeper's Cottage, occupied y our Hardt ancestor.
Hermann Becker.  Hr. Becker contacted us and kindly sent a picture of the Zöhler homestead in Selbach, Saarland, Germany.  The picture was taken in the 1950s by his father.
The Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah and Family History Center, Columbia, Missouri.
The Wyoming County, New York, Historian.
Barbara Durfee, the Sheldon, New York Town Historian
The Wyoming County, New York, Records of Deeds
The Wyoming County, New York, Probate Court